San Francisco 49ers: Significance of beating the Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers used a late Phil Dawson field goal to squeak out a victory against the Seahawks this past Sunday 19-17.  It was a game that displayed two physical defenses and two smash-mouth offenses going toe to toe in battle of skill, will and hatred for one another.

The Seahawks had destroyed the 49ers in their two previous meetings, and at this point in the season they are the best team in the NFC so this clearly was a bigger game for San Francisco.  Considering all that, what does a two point victory at home really mean for the 49ers?  It didn’t mean much of anything until Frank Gore broke that 51-yard run and set up the game winner.

To win tough physical game by doing what the Niners do best, run the football, against a defense that has stopped them for most of the game is a huge boost for the team.  This was a game where everyone battled.  Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin more than held their own against those tough Seattle corners and both Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch showed that their performances dictate whether or not their teams will be successful.

Let’s face it, it’s enticing to look at the quarterback matchup when these two teams meet because it includes two young, dynamic players that are the future of this league but truth be told, both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson have underperformed.  In four games against the 49ers, Wilson has yet to throw for over 200 yards and Kaepernick (3 games) has five interceptions to only two touchdowns.

This past Sunday was no different, but Gore decided to put his stamp late in the game.  That’s what it comes down to in this matchup, the big boys up front creating holes for the Gore and Lynch and the other guys trying to stop them.

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From the Seahawk’s point of view, this loss wasn’t all that bad.  Unless they completely tank the rest of the season, they should still hold on to that number one spot in the NFC, making all the other teams have to go through Seattle to get to the Super Bowl; and we all know about that crowd in Seattle.

So what did this victory mean for the 49ers?  If anything, it reassured them that they can still be as good as they have been the past two seasons by playing a tough, physical, between the trenches brand of football that they are so familiar with.  This reassurance will definitely come in handy when these two teams meet again a a more meaningful game up North.

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  • Seattle49er

    The niners have three games left to accomplish the following: A game plan that can deal with Seattle crowd noise, A passing attack that takes advantage of the three man Seahawk set and A defense that can deal with Lynch. The team did it in 2011. I will be there to see them do it in 2014 at Quest Field. Go Niners.