Who is the best player on the Seattle Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks have had a remarkable season thus far, with their 11-2 record resulting from an incredible team effort in all phases of the game. The NFC leaders have so many playmakers that it’s hard to name the best player. Believe me, it’s a great conundrum to have. For other teams, this is open and shut: Tom Brady for the Patriots, Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, Aaron Rodgers for the Packers. Who, though, is Seattle’s best player?

Let’s narrow it down to the top four guys, two on offense and two on defense. The top two guys on offense have to be Russell Wilson and “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch. On defense, it’s Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman.

Marshawn Lynch is a force on the ground, and he finds the tiniest of holes and punches through them like a battering ram. The offense leans on him to gain yardage and open up the passing game, and he can always be counted on to pick up around 100 yards. He’s also dependable for picking up blitzes and has good hands out of the backfield.

Russell Wilson has become the clear leader of the team, and he’s putting up numbers (on a run-first offense, mind you) that are just short of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. Especially in the game against the Saints, he showed he could put up Super Bowl MVP-like numbers. He’s got so many tools in his arsenal, from pocket passing to throwing on the run, and play action to the read option, that he’s almost unstoppable.

Richard Sherman is undoubtedly the most vocal corner in the NFL, and arguably the most physical. His energy boosts the defense as a whole, and he’s proven to be valued at much more than a fifth round pick. He’s good for an interception seemingly every week, and maybe a defensive hold as well. But his positive contributions far outweigh any downfield coverage penalties he might obtain.

Seattle Seahawks

Earl Thomas (Photo: fansided.com)

Earl Thomas isn’t vocal like Sherman, but his energy on the field is just as electric, if not more so. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about what the offense is showing him before every play, and he can be at the line defending the run in a flash. He’s tied with linebacker Bobby Wagner in tackles (89), and he’s also got four picks on the year. These are superb numbers for an NFL safety.

I have to give the nod to Earl Thomas, with Russell Wilson as an extremely close second. Thomas just seems to do it all on defense, and you can already see that offenses fear him in the passing game. Colin Kaepernick avoided the deep ball, especially down the middle, where Thomas is surveying like, well, a hawk. Thomas read Drew Brees like a book a few weeks ago, and he let receivers know he was onto what the Saints were trying to do. Wilson may just catch him up this season if he leads this team to a Super Bowl victory, but Thomas gets the nod for now. What is more evident, at the very least, is that these are the top guys for Seattle on both sides of the ball.

I know many of the 12th may have a different opinion regarding this fantastic question. Who do you think is Seattle’s number one guy? Let me know below.


  • Joe B.

    I’m here in Seattle, and no doubt a huge Hawks fan. Fans here for the most part, would agree with you 100%…. I do!

  • Jacob_Nikoli

    well I’m going with the most improved player; Mini Beast, Golden Tate. Punt returner and the glue in the receiving corps. I’m not arguing with your choices, I’m just saying there are a lot of gears in this machine.

  • Leen

    I’m living in Florida but I’m 100% a Seahawks, it is very difficult to select the best player is truth what you said about Sherman, Earl Thomas and Marshall Lynch, but Russell Wilson has to much weapon Arms, Feet, Movement and the most important he is very smart.