No Marshall, no problem; welcome Logan Boone

It was the perfect fit, one of those rare times the Colorado Rockies were going to catch the break they needed. And as quickly as the opportunity came it faded; Sean Marshall was gone. The Cincinnati Reds lefty dissolved due to health concerns, and that left the Rockies bullpen issues unresolved, for a minute. While many were quick to call it a huge blow to the Rockies offseason activity and a blown opportunity to improve their club, it didn’t take long for the Rox to redeem themselves. And they did so in the form of Logan Boone.

At first glance, Marshall had everything that Colorado needed. Having thrown over 600 innings throughout his 8 year career, he has the experience the Rox desire. With a career 3.77 ERA that has gotten better year over year, Marshall was improving. Finally, at age 30, Marshall still has a few years left to help bolster the Rockies bullpen. Let’s not forget though, Marshall was due $12 million over the next two years. He also spent the majority of the 2013 season injured. He’s damaged goods. Cincinnati knows it and that’s why they are so interested in getting him out of a Reds jersey.

Colorado doesn’t need damaged goods. They got that last year with Roy Oswalt and we all saw how that worked out. The Rockies had other options that had way more upside. The Royals had Aaron Crow or Tim Collins. Crow, a 26-year-old righty appeared in 57 games and posted a 3.38 ERA. Tim Collins was even more enticing. At 23, he’s pitched 190.0 innings and struck out 205. Although he’s undersized at 5’7” and 165 lbs., he fills the bill as the lefty to compliment Rex Brothers.

The Australian Grant Balfour, although pricy, was still a proven closer who could sure the up the backend of the bullpen. With the majority of his career being against American League hitters, he has still become one of the top closers in the game. Last year he posted 38 saves and a 2.59 ERA. Former closer Ryan Madson was out there as well. Tenured with the Phillies, Madson posted 32 saves in his last season in the closer role. The fact that he’s been out of the Majors for a couple years means you could probably snag him for real cheap.

Despite Sean Marshall falling through, and despite the options available, the Rox signed a power left-handed arm in Boone Logan. Out of all the options available, this was the best thing the Rockies could’ve gotten. He came at a better price than Balfour, a better track record than Madson, and more experience than the Royals’ twins. The 29-year-old signed a three-year, $16.5 million deal and is the left-handed arm the Rockies needed. The former Yankee will likely serve as a one-inning reliever for the Rox, and complete the trio Colorado has formulated for their end of game situations.

Despite headline signings in Seattle, New York, and Boston, Colorado has quietly had a very productive offseason. Bringing in Brett Anderson from the Angels, the Rockies strengthened their starting rotation. Justin Morneau is likely to sign with the Rox sometime in the next few days, which will replace the seasoned HOF’er Todd Helton with another aging, but proven first basemen. It’ll be interesting to see how Morneau’s bat will come into play at Coors Field. And finally, adding Logan Boone, the perfect complement to Rex Brothers and LaTroy Hawkins.

The Colorado Rockies have not had a solid pitching staff in years. Their front office had done little to change the trajectory of the franchise, which has led them to basement dwellings in the NL West two consecutive years. But the recent moves, no matter how lackluster they appear to ESPN are big news for the Colorado Rockies and its fan base. No, they aren’t in any position to battle for a division crown or playoff berth; but they finally appear to be moving in the right direction. Finally.


  • Dan

    Boone Logan. Switch the names up.