Minnesota Vikings: In Cassel we trust?

Unbelievable. That is the exact word to describe the Vikings offense in today’s 48-30 win over the Eagles.

The most surprising part was that the Vikings managed to score their season high in points without their best player Adrian Peterson.

Matt Cassel definitely deserved the game ball. He was able to manage an effective game even though the defense planned to stop the passing game entirely. Cassel got all of the receivers involved completing 26 of his 35 passes for 382 yards and two touchdowns.

No Vikings quarterback since Brett Favre has performed this well in a game, and one has to wonder if this is a fluke or if Cassel has the ability to mirror this type of performance week after week.

Cassel was in the groove today and the team seemed to click together despite all of the adversity revolving around Peterson coming into the game. The Vikings appeared to be dead in the water before kickoff, but Cassel sparked the team to a convincing victory with all of the weight on his shoulders

Minnesota Vikings

Matt Cassel should start for the rest of the season as the Vikings quarterback.
(Photo Credit: Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports)

The quarterback situation has been a mess all season and the Vikings still have nobody they can truly trust, but Cassel should remain the starter for the rest of the season to show that he can be the quarterback of the future for at least a while. If it works out, the Vikings can base the upcoming 2014 NFL draft around finding help in the offensive line and secondary.

Weapons like Peterson, Cordarrelle Paterson, Greg Jennings and Kyle Rudolph on the offensive side of the ball can make any average quarterback become a good quarterback. Cassel has played at an average level all season, but today he was excellent. With those offensive weapons and Cassel’s experience at the quarterback position, there could be a lot of hope for the Vikings and Cassel down the road.

The upcoming draft is stacked all around, I’m not saying that the Vikings shouldn’t draft a quarterback if the best one is available, but if Cassel keeps this up, there is no reason to waste a draft pick on a quarterback. The Vikings have plenty of other holes to fill.

Cassel brought excitement back to the Dome today and in other games this season he has looked pretty good as well. Has Cassel figured things out with the Vikings? Or is this just a fluke? Next week will tell a lot when the team heads into Cincinnati to face the playoff contending Bengals.



  • Vike Fan

    I agree, Cassel can potentially take us where we need to be. I know the vikings have never won it before but most of their success is when they surround a team with fire power and let an older experienced quarterback get the ball to the player makers. I could only imagine what this game would have been like if AP, Rudolph and Gerhart were all good to go. Not to mention what Harrison Smith gave us by being back on the defensive end, if they were all health on that end, this game could have been an even bigger blow away.