North Carolina Basketball: Smith celebrated at half time

Dean SmithAs I had written in the preview concerning the game between #11 Kentucky and #18 North Carolina, the game could be a very good one. I was right, it was. I also wrote that the halftime show would be a great one, as university would honor former head coach Dean Smith receving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And once again I was right. Fortunately through the power of YouTube we can all experience that…

The words by Phil Ford hit hard on what type of a man coach Smith was with his players when recruiting them. Followed by Eric Montross, who said the words that no one can deny “we are better for having been led by this man”.

As I have said in my posts about the legendary coach, for as good as he was a coach, he is way better as a man!

What makes all of this more and more amazing is that the things we celebrate Dean Smith of having done, we do after he became the great man he is now. But the reality is that a lot of the things we speak about he did before he became the famous coach we now know.

The meaning of courage is… the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Off the field coach Smith was a courageous man in doing a lot of the things he did. And thanks to what he did way back when, others are now a lot better off for it.

It is so sad that the man who always said that it was never about him but about the people around him is not able to see what the people around him now say.

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I am still waiting for a 30 for 30 by ESPN, but I will not hold my breath for one. What I can do is write about it myself and promote the man that was Dean Smith, and the good he did both on and off the court.