Argentina’s group : Bosnia and Nigeria the main competition


Group F

Argentina was placed in a fairly easy group for the first round of the world cup in Brazil. Teams like Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria, are not power houses in soccer but they have qualified for a reason, each nation has its own style of play and its own national stars.

After the group lottery took place, some nations were left on a worried note while some others celebrated to what they think is going to be a walk in the park. Argentina has had bad experiences with what we call “underdog” teams, the 2002 world cup was a perfect example when Sweden managed to disqualify Argentina, who was one of the favorites

Players to watch for

Edin Dzeko is Bosnia’s greatest talent in the box, the Manchester City’s star is in a great moment in his career and he has managed to become a legend in his country. Despite his height of 6 feet 4 inches, he possesses outstanding dribbling skills and his vision in the pitch make him lethal against the adversary. He is also a great power header, which can be a problem for the lack of tall players in the Argentinean defensive line.


Dzeko and Pjanic

Miralem Pjanic, the young Bosnian star that plays for Roma, has proved to have extreme ability and diversity in the midfield. He can play as an attacking midfielder as well as a winger, he has a great outside shot and he is know for his finesse finishes.

John Obi Mikel, the Nigerian captain has been a leader in the midfield, he is the engine of the team and has been able to stop the greatest midfielders and strikers in the world. Playing in such a competitive league such as the Premier League, has made Mikel more diverse in the midfield, he has perfected his short and long pass. Argentina’s Mascherano will have his hands full throughout the whole game, Gago, Banega and Di maria will have their creative skills cut short as long as Mikel is in full form.

Iran is the weakest team in the group, if the goal for Argentina is to win the world cup, loosing or tying with Iran will not be considered acceptable. Ashkan Dejagah is the biggest star in Iran’s national team, he has played in the German league and even for the the Germany youth national team, now he starts at Fulham of the Premier. He is a fast and strong attacking midfielder, he can change the pace of the game and he is an early crosser, this could be lethal to the backs of Argentina who are the weakest point of the team.

Argentina is in great shape and will need to have total concentration in the world cup, any errors could become lethal for the chances of qualifying to the next round. These teams know that Argentina is a favorite to qualify for the next round and they are not going to waste the scarce chances they get. Nigeria is a promising team, they have great players all over the world and they are always trouble when facing Argentina. Bosnia is the new phenomenon, their young stars promise a bright future for this team and will surprise many on the way. Iran is also a promising team, although considered one of the weakest team in the world cup, they have won the Asian cup three times and the Asian games four times,  and they deserve to be in the world cup.

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