The ACC season about to start for Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils have three games left before they start their bid for an ACC title.  Their first game is against Notre Dame on January 4th.  This will be a tough ACC season with the new teams coming in (Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse).

The Notre Dame game is a hard game to get started off on, because they always play tough.  This will be a fun season for the ACC with a bunch of teams up for the ACC title.  The two best teams get to play each other twice in Duke and Syracuse.

The first game is a game against a new opponent to the ACC, and it is also on the road for the Blue Devils.  This season, they will have played a tougher non-conference schedule, and also a tougher ACC schedule.  This should be an exciting ACC season, where they could get as many as eight teams in the NCAA tournament.

Duke will be one of the ACC teams in the tournament, and will be looking for an ACC championship in the regular season and ACC tournament.  A number of teams could win this season, but the favorites are Syracuse and Duke.

The Blue Devils only challenging game left before the ACC schedule is UCLA.  The ACC season is less than a month away, and it will start a great competition this season with agreeable the best conference in college basketball.  They finished the ACC/Big Ten challenge as a tie, but these two conferences are the best in basketball.  The Blue Devils took care of Michigan in their game, and the ACC got a couple upsets, the biggest one coming in the Michigan State/ North Carolina game.

The two best teams are Syracuse and Duke.  Syracuse is undefeated and is looking great so far this season.  They have played great against the top teams on their schedule, but haven’t had the tough schedule that Duke has had so far this season.  They have looked great, and their point guard, the only question mark for this team coming into the season, looks like he will only get better during this season.

The Blue Devils will be the other team with the best chance to win the ACC.  They have improved already this season, and hopefully continue to get better.  This team has a clear weakness, and will be hard to overcome if they can’t find a post player to step up this season.  Syracuse is more of a solid team, but it is their first season in the ACC.

Both these teams could win the ACC during the season or the tournament.  Syracuse looks like the better team, and the team with fewer holes in their game.  Seeing them play, and seeing their team they should be the favorite to win the ACC until they play the Blue Devils, then the Blue Devils will be able to show who the better team is.