A great future for Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils had two of the top high school prospects face off against each other last week.  The game was between Whitney Young and Apple Valley High school.  These are two great teams with two players in the top five of the 2014 recruiting class.  It featured Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones squaring off.  These are two players who committed at the same time to Duke last month.

The game was a very competitive one because of how well Jones played.  Jones looked great in this game; he always seemed to be a couple passes ahead.  He was orchestrating the offense the entire game.  He wasn’t only making great passes; he was instructing other players where to go with the ball.  He also showed his driving ability as well, taking on Okafor head on in a couple occasions.

He looked good in the first three quarters of the game.  He was able to get a number of steals, and was very good at playing the passing lanes.  He showed off his vision on a number of occasions with the passes he made, a few were just amazing.Tyus Jones

He was playing very well until the fourth quarter when he pretty much just took over the game.  He showed almost every portion of his game in the fourth quarter.  With his team down big, he single handedly brought them back.  He made big three after big three in the fourth quarter.  All of the passes he made were great, and smart as well.  Jones played a great game, and looks like he will be ready to play from day one for Duke.

Okafor also had a great game.  He had a double-double in the game, and every opportunity he got; he showed why he is one of the best high school players in the country.  He showed how much of a difference there are between him and most of the other high school players.  He had to play against a zone and usually had a least two players on him.  He had over twenty points, and looked dominant at times.  He also showed off his passing skills on a few occasions.

He looks great on the offensive side, but his defense can improve.  On a number of occasions, he was a step or half a step late on his rotation.  Also, on offense as good as he did look; he had a couple of possessions where he was falling away with his shot.  He has room for improvement, but should be a presence down low starting game one.

Jones and Okafor can play off of each other, and play to their strengths.  Jones is a willing passer and can deliver the ball wherever Okafor wants it.  Jones can also draw the defense away from Okafor, and open up offensive rebounds or a lob over the top of the defense.  These two will make for a great duo, and will be looking to lead Duke next season deep in to the NCAA tournament.