Oakland A’s: The quest for a new home continues

via Manica Architecture

via Manica Architecture

Yet again the question comes up on whether or not the Oakland Athletics will one day have a stadium that they can call home. The most recent buzz is the plot open of land at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal. And there are already sketches of a potential stadium that could be nestled in that area around the shipping cranes.

The proposed stadium looks a lot like AT&T, just on the other side of the bay. Designed by Manica Architecture, the new stadium would not only have clean, futuristic lines, but it would match the industrial shipping yard that would surround the ballpark. It would cost roughly $500 million to build this proposed stadium and would ultimately keep the team in Oakland.

However, this site would need some serious cleaning up if a stadium wanted to be built on this 50-acre lot. Additionally, owner Lee Wolff has told multiple sources that it would be easier to build on Treasure Island – a near by man-made island typically used for musical festivals – than in the Port of Oakland. Wolff told the San Francisco Chronicle that he wants what is best for the Athletics and that this site is not what is best.

Even though Wolff does not like the idea, the group who organized this proposal and hired the architect has the money to complete this project and is willing to be persistent in order to change Wolff’s mind. And after the MLB rejected the Oakland A’s move to San Jose this summer, this has become a viable option for the Athletics.

Wolff has expressed his desire to keep the Athletics in Oakland and that there are many other better plots of land to build upon within the city. However, some a skeptical. As of right now, the Oakland A’s have no players signed for after the 2015 season and it so happens that their lease at the O.co Coliseum ends at the end of that same season.

So the question is what are the Athletics planning? With no commitment to any players or a stadium, there is a strong possibility that the Athletics could be sold and moved elsewhere. Wolff has repeatedly denied that he wants to sell the team or move them out of the Bay Area. However, the lack of commitment they have right now is a little concerning.

As always, there will probably more proposals and more input from the MLB before a definitive answer will determine what is going to happen to the Oakland A’s. For now, Wolff and his team better start brainstorming their own ideas if they want to keep rejecting the ones presented to them.