Chelsea FC: Champions League drama with Drogba return

Chelsea FC

Drogba CL Final (photo credit:

After two lackluster performances from the Blues on the pitch, this week will be remembered more for a draw of fate than anything else.  The last sixteen matchups for the UEFA Champions League were decided this week, and the Blues received a draw that produced quite a buzz among the Blues faithful.  Chelsea are set to have the standard home and away matchup against Galatasaray FC and Didier Drogba in early 2014.

Blues legend and Champions League hero Didier Drogba will make a return to his former club in a showdown that will surely be spectacular.  Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho brought the Ivorian striker to Stamford Bridge during his initial stint as manager in 2004.  Drogba then became a regular scorer for the Blues and won three Premier League titles with the London club.

His best moment, and the one that won him the eternal gratitude of Chelsea fans, was the Champions League Final in Munich.  Chelsea’s arrival to the 2012 Final had seemed incredibly unlikely, but the Blues had found themselves ninety minutes away from Champions League glory.  Circumstances were bleak however as the end of regulation approached and the Blues were losing 1-0 to Bayern Munich.  One last gasp corner from Juan Mata saw Drogba head in a defiant equalizer that sent the match into extra time.

Drogba then found himself taking the final penalty to win it all.  One kick later and Chelsea fans all around the world

Chelsea FC

Drogba with Mourinho (photo credit:

were celebrating the club’s first Champions League trophy.

Those are the memories that will creep into the minds of players, coaches and fans alike when Drogba makes his return to Stamford Bridge in March.  The players will be all business on the pitch, but circumstances will definitely warrant extra emotions from the Chelsea players and their former teammate.

His welcome home will most likely dwarf even that of Mourinho’s return to the dugout earlier this season.  All of the fans, and especially owner Roman Abramovich will never forget Drogba’s contributions to the club.

Mourinho and his players are definitely looking forward to reuniting with their old friend, but they aren’t looking too far into the future.  The Premier League hunt is tight right now, and they have many other matches to focus on before the fateful reunions with the Ivorian striker.