Festive Buffalo Bills Week 16 preview

buffalo-billsIn week 16, the 5-9 Buffalo Bills will host the 8-6 Miami Dolphins. The game will be played in a chilly Ralph Wilson stadium, where the Bills have played well this season. Because I’m feeling festive, I decided to give you my preview a little differently this week. Poetry isn’t one of my strong suits, but I thought I would give it a try.


Twas the day before the game, and all through the house,

The Bills came lurking, quite as a mouse.

Although there are no playoffs, for the Buffalo team,

They still have a chance, to crush Miami’s playoff dream.

The win in October, doesn’t seem to matter,

A win in December, takes Miami off the playoff ladder.

Time for Manuel to prove, he was our Christmas gift,

Or just another draft pick, where the Bills swung and missed.

A few deep balls to Goodwin, would bring me delight,

It would also spark the offense, getting them to take flight.

If Spiller and Jackson, go on a rushing spree,

It will cause havoc all game, for the Miami D.

This opens up play-action, where the Bills can throw deep,

Instead of running every down, lulling our receivers to sleep.

Tannehill has proved, he’s a good quarterback,

But the Williams boys, have been on a spree of sacks.

We need to get Tannehill, to be uncomfortable in the pocket,

And make them run the ball, assuming we can stop it.

Defending the rush, has been a problem all season,

We have a dominant defensive line, I don’t see the reason.

According to Vegas, the Bills are getting 2 and half points,

Bills 27, Miami 20, I hope they don’t disappoint.

So on Byrd, on Jackson, on Manuel and Spiller,

On Gilmore and Mario, be the Dolphin killers

Then we can celebrate, our holidays with cheer,

And we all can ask Santa, for a winning season next year.

I hope your holidays, are filled with good times and thrills,

And remember,

No one circles the wagons, like the Buffalo Bills


I hope you enjoyed my attempt. Happy holidays everyone.