Kansas City Chiefs look to win with no “Luck”

Kansas City Chiefs

Derrick Johnson looks to contain Andrew Luck and the Colts this week on way to their twelfth victory of the season. (kcchiefs.com)

The Kansas City Chiefs play their final home game of the season on Sunday when they take on Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have already clinched the AFC South this season, but the Chiefs look to keep the possibility of winning the West alive by doing their part and winning their final two contests of the season.

The Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are 9-5 on the season and have a pretty solid overall team. With the injury to star Reggie Wayne earlier in the year, the Colts are a bit limited in the passing game. T.Y. Hilton being their greatest threat, Luck has to play a great game every week in order to give his team a shot at winning, but “lucky” for them he typically does. Their rushing attack is not what they hoped it would be with the in-season trade for Trent Richardson, so look for Luck to look for points via the passing game.

My theory

I have this theory with quarterbacks I call the Number Theory. My Number Theory states that the more you see the front numbers of your teams quarterback the better. What I mean by this is that when a quarterback throws the ball downfield, disregarding lefties, the view you see on your television is an open stance of the quarterback and his number is revealed.

Lately, Chiefs fans and the entire NFL have been seeing a lot of the number 11. Alex Smith has typically been a pretty conservative quarterback that rarely turns the ball over, which is good, but the most successful quarterbacks in the league take chances and throw the ball into tight windows. Smith generally scans the field briefly then checks the ball down to his halfback. When this happens, his body faces forward and the only time his number is revealed is when the check down pass is on the right side of the field.

What I am trying to say is the longer you can watch your quarterback stand in the pocket scanning the field and his number is facing the screen, the better chance the quarterback is making a better decision of delivering the ball. It may not be perfect, but again, it’s a theory.

This week

The game on Sunday is a lot more meaningful for the Chiefs than it is for the Colts. As I said earlier, the Colts have clinched their division already, but a lot is still to be played for, for the Chiefs. There is a big difference going into the playoffs as a number one seed with home field advantage and a fifth seed wild card playing on the road. Look for the Chiefs too come out on fire knowing what’s on the line and play a good game on all sides of the ball.

Game time: Noon at Arrowhead Stadium vs. the Indianapolis Colts.

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