Detroit Red Wings break three bad streaks in three days

Detroit Red Wings

The losing streak(s) finally over!. (Photo Credit: Dave Reginek / Getty Images)

It’s about time.

Pavel Datsyuk and the Detroit Red Wings snapped a six-game losing streak on Thursday when a big night from Daniel Alfredsson put the Wings over the Flames 3-2 in overtime. The overtime victory was a streak-breaker itself, as the Wings had not won a game that had gone past regulation since October 4th, against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Wings followed up that victory with a shoot-out win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday, which was the teams first shootout victory this season, and their first since Februrary 28th against the San Jose Sharks.

I’m not one to say that I know how the players are feeling about those facts, but if it were me, I’d be relieved. Refreshed. Revitalized. How could I not be, knowing that consecutive streaks of losing in different ways, with a variety of different punishing effects on my psyche, was over? All at once?

If the Red Wings are like me, and ARE feeling all those emotions, should do everything within their power to not let those feelings go to waste. They should not take them for granted, because despite being a part of perhaps the most successful sports franchise of the last two decades, these losing streaks DO happen and good things DO come to an end. These streaks are over, yes, and should be put behind them; but never forgotten. The Red Wings can’t forget why they lost six games in a row. They can’t forget how they let games slip away from them in overtime for over two months. They can’t forget that, despite their supreme level of talent, they let teams make them look foolish in the shootout for almost a year.

It’s these losing streaks that show what a team is really made of. They show what kind of resolve the veterans have left and what kind of fire that can really get lit under a rookie. They show what kind of tricks a coach may have up his sleeve, and what a GM is willing to do to win. They are no fun to have to watch as fans, these damn losing streaks, but they make our teams tougher and they sure as hell make us want that ever-so-elusive win even more.

These streaks are finally over, and in the past. To them, I say, thank you for everything you taught us, and please never come back!

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