Kansas City Chiefs can’t build off early lead

Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles was the only bright spot on Sunday for the Chiefs in their loss to the Colts. (kcchiefs.com)

The Kansas City Chiefs lost a tough one to Indianapolis on Sunday 23-7 and lose their hope of still gaining the number one seed in the playoffs. The Chiefs had success early, but were unable to build off of it, and Andrew Luck and the Colts sealed the victory with 23 unanswered points.

What went wrong?

The Chiefs have had trouble all year giving up plays in the passing game and this week was no different. Andrew Luck looked very comfortable in the pocket today and had plenty of time to find an open receiver virtually every play. Many players in the Chiefs secondary looked lost today and left many Colts receivers with no one around them and with plenty of room to catch the ball.

Alex Smith had arguably his worst performance of the season. There was not a lot that went right for him on the afternoon. Smith is normally very good at taking care of the ball, but with two interceptions and numerous passes that were either overthrown or to the wrong spot, Smith did not look like the Alex Smith the Chiefs have come accustomed too.

Sean Smith has played some questionable defense at times this season. Today he was called for two big defensive holding calls and has been beaten off the ball a number of times this year.

The Chiefs defensive struggled on crucial third and sort plays and were hurt by untimely penalties and one big uncalled for taunting call at a critical point in the game.

What went right?

Outside of Jamaal Charles, there was not a lot that went right for the Chiefs. It was a disappointing performance overall, but without Denver losing this week and most likely will not next week, this game did not play much of a factor into who or where the Chiefs will be playing come playoff time. There were a lot of things that could have gone right for the Chiefs, but poor play calling in situations and poor execution paid dividends in the loss.

What needs to change?

The Chiefs defensive needs to make some changes before January if the Chiefs plan on making any noise in the playoffs. In the second half of the Chiefs season, there have been many times where the defense have hurt more than helped the Chiefs in crucial spots. Alex Smith needs to improve his game too and stay within the limits of what he is able to do.

A brighter note

To me Andrew Luck shows a lot of qualities Peyton Manning has and one of them being it is very difficult beating either of them more than once in a year. I wasn’t sure we, or anyone else could beat Manning twice this season, and I believe the same for Luck. I would rather lose to Luck now and beat him in the playoffs than beat him now and give him weeks to prepare and build off a previous game. It may not seem like it now, but this may be in the Chiefs favor.

Looking forward

The Chiefs go to San Diego this coming week to play the Chargers in the final regular season matchup of the season. I wouldn’t expect anything new from the Chiefs, but look for them to keep Smith and Charles healthy and rearing to go in the playoffs.

Game time: 3:25 PM CST at Qualcomm Stadium.

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