Minnesota Vikings: Another lousy road performance

The Minnesota Vikings will finish without a road win this season by putting together yet another lousy performance against the Cincinnati Bengals, losing 42-14.

I’ve said it all year and am sick of saying it, but this loss has to be pegged on the coaching staff.

Minnesota did not come prepared to play; three first-half turnovers is only part of the embarrassment as the Vikings were only able to muster 209 yards of total offense in a game that the Bengals dominated on both sides of the ball.

Minnesota Vikings

Matt Cassel played one of the worst games of his professional career to follow up his best performance versus the Eagles.
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Leslie Frazier and his staff again proved that they do not belong as coaches in an NFL system. The team looked more undisciplined than ever in today’s game, the offense was again predictable, and the defense let up big plays through the air like it typically does.

All they hype about Matt Cassel can also be laid to rest. Cassel followed up the best performance of his career with one of his worst, completing 13-of-27 passes for 114 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions. If Rick Spielman has any football sense left at all, he’ll know that drafting a quarterback or signing a big free agent quarterback has to be the teams second priority this offseason. Of course, the first priority needs to be getting rid of Frazier and his staff.

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A frustrating season is only getting worse for the Vikings. It’s hard to fathom how a team can get thumped so terribly after coming of its best performance of the season versus the Eagles, a game in which the Vikings in turn absolutely dominated and Cassel shined.

Going winless on the road has to make Zygi Wilf wonder if he has to start from scratch on the personnel side of things. A team that can’t win on the road will never go anywhere.

There’s nothing positive to say about this game except for the fact that the Vikings are improving their draft status, and a good draft is the best thing for this team right now because this year the stock of players is loaded with talent.

As a Vikings fan, do you still watch every Sunday, and are you on your last straw with the management of this team?

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    Coaching & management, aka Rick Speilman. Clean house and don’t trust any of them to be a part of the draft in 2014.

  • Jman

    How much more proof does it take that the Vikings need a QB and new coach!

  • Vikes

    Every sunday, I hope and pray Vikings performs better, but ‘the same old vikes’ comes and plays the worst football. This is insane. Get rid of incompetent coaching staffs. Enough with this S%%T!

  • hockeyguy21

    The management and coaching staff NEED to go…starting with Rick Spielman. He’s had some good draft success, but the one draft spot any team can NOT afford to miss on is QB…he has missed BADLY. To make things worse he traded away an extra high draft pick to move up for Ponder. Now he’s given his mistake THREE seasons of continued failure on top of it all. Then, in the middle of this season, he went out and again missed BADLY with Josh Freeman. In order to win in this league you NEED a good QB, and Rick Spielman is incapable of judging QB talent or coaching talent.