Toronto Maple Leafs: Is there tension in the ranks?


James Reimer wasn’t too pleased when he was pulled after the first period in the game against Detroit.

Is it possible that James Reimer’s days with the Toronto Maple Leafs are numbered?  Well, if you saw what I saw in the game against the  Detroit Red Wings this past weekend, the possibility is real.

After giving up three goals in the fir st period, Leaf’s head coach, Randy Carlyle decided to yank Reimer out of the game before the second period and put Jonathan Bernier in net.

When Carlyle walked past Reimer on the Leaf’s bench, Reimer gave Carlyle a dirty look.

The last time I saw a goalie react this way to his head coach was back in 1995.  Remember.  That was the year Patrick Roy (who is now the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche) showed his disgust with Montreal’s head coach, Mario Tremblay after he was  pulled from a game.

Honestly, I think Carlyle did the right thing.  The Leafs wouldn’t have got the point if Carlyle kept Reimer in the game.

I’m rather disappointed in Reimer’s reaction.  Reimer is a young goal tender who needs to improve if he wants to play in the NHL.

As far as I’m concerned, Reimer has to learn to accept the fact that Carlyle is going to switch goalies when his team is losing.  That’s Carlyle’s job.  Doing what’s best for the team.

Earlier this week, Toronto lost 3-1 to Florida Panthers, a team that is seventh in the Eastern Conference standings.

“Fatigue seemed to play a part tonight,” said Carlyle in the post game press conference.

Carlyle also noted that his team’s biggest problem in this game was being unable to win face offs.  “They (Florida) won  more puck battles than we did,” he said.

Carlyle also said his team was trying to be cute with the puck and that what cost the Leafs the game.

I have a news item to pass along.

Toronto recalled Jerred Smithson from the Marlies this week after Trevor Smith was put on the injured reserve (IR) with a broken hand.

Toronto plays the New York Rangers tonight.


  • torontophenom

    Gave up on my aspirations to be a sports writer years ago, long before the advent of the computer. Not wanting to sound mean-spirited here, but in my humble opinion, sports writing should be part fact collecting/the heart of the story, but overall, an article should be part reporting, bigger part comedy routine, as though you were on stage in a night club, briefly spilling the facts, then the punch line: ‘Yeah, I (Carlyle) to pull him (Reimer). I know he’s pissed. But, well, I told him ya know Reims, the line starts out in the parking lot.” That wasn’t terribly funny, but you get the essence of my point, right? Professional sports should never be treated as front page news.