Detroit Lions fans mourn again, makes wait even sweeter

detroit lions

Detroit Lions fans don’t give up (Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio/AP)

It happens every year. Spirits rise up. They captivate your soul, only to take a brand new electric chainsaw and cut your emotions into a trillion pieces.  Some years the assault arrives earlier than others, but this time the bloodbath shot through at a painfully slow pace into the joyous holiday season.

The Detroit Lions give pain to all who cheer their name. Like a drug, fans can’t get enough and will be back next season begging for more. Because before the pain there is the ability to hope.

Hope just might be the most powerful trait of the human spirit.  Without a doubt it is our greatest possession.  Because hope is something that can never be taken away, it can only be given up.  It is a universally inherent gift that gives those with nothing else something to live for, something to wait for.

It is encouraged when we are young with Santa Claus, a winning Lions team, etc. As we grow older hope can lose its luster.  The world is not quite as magical, and the Lions keep losing.  But people are resilient, none more so than Detroit’s native.

The parallels between the city and its team are remarkable.  Detroit was the economical mecca of 1950′s America with an NFL powerhouse in its backyard.  But as the fiscal climate dipped, so did the success of the Lions franchise.  Almost 60 years later, Detroit continues the wait to be renewed both on its streets and on the field.

Tourists continue to visit Detroit, and fans still file into Ford Field.  No matter what, Michigan will love Detroit and its team.  No matter the pain, a family will wait patiently.

So whether Jim Schwartz stays with the Lions or leaves with an extra 12 million dollars in his pocket, fans will be back again because of the chance that next season will last just a few weeks longer.

Maybe one day Detroit and the Lions will return to glory.  Super Bowl XLIX dare I say? One can hope, always.

  • Al

    If he would just take control and they all work together we just might do it! :)

  • MarkyMarc

    This article bodes eerily close to the bone for me. Indeed I was just short of my 4th birthday when my Dad bought the family’s first T.V. and climbed up on the roof to catch a very snowy black and white signal to watch the championship game in 1957 from a Toledo station. Yes, blackouts existed even then! I was so “up” about the win I asked Santa for a helmet, shoulder pads and jersey for Christmas and got them! The helmet, probably because I hit my head a lot, was a good idea from my parents perspective. Plus I KNEW the Lions would win a championship EVERY YEAR! Now as I look forward to the 2014 season this curse is still the dirtiest joke EVER played on a 3 year old kid! Now as the days dwindle short till my 60th birthday, I “wait to be renewed” still. The only constant in these decades since is that the FORDS’ rich “plaything” shows how clueless and inept they are to field a professional football team. I mean Tommy Hudspeth and Darryl Rodgers? Please!!! Also, I don’t need to hear anymore negative comments from 14 year old kids about their suffering ” all their lives for the Lions to put it together!” I’ve had my hopes and dreams dashed against this disorganization year after year for six decades! So thank you Chris Ryan, for so closely stating what is in my soul all these many years. The most painful admittance I must confide is that I am, and will remain, a resilient Lions fan. My father died at age 92 this year and will not see their return to glory, hopefully I won’t wait that long!