Seattle Seahawks: get it together, please

Wow. Last Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks was awful…at least offensively.

The Seahawks’ 17-10 loss at home to the Cardinals further delayed the Seahawks from clinching the NFC West and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Seattle played extremely well defensively, intercepting Carson Palmer four times (two courtesy of Richard Sherman), but Russell Wilson did not get the job done.

Seattle Seahawks

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Wilson played awful. To quote Southern Illinois basketball coach Barry Hinson, “That’s about as PG-rated as I can say it.” The MVP-like Wilson who destroyed New Orleans was nowhere to be found Sunday. Instead, Seattle fans got pretty much the complete opposite. Wilson barely managed 100 passing yards, had a horrendous first half, and threw a late interception, albeit a crazy one, to seal the loss.

Honestly, I’m still not sure that was Russell Wilson out there. It had to be a doppelganger or something, right? I mean, this is Russell Wilson. The little quarterback that could, the guy who doesn’t lose at home.

Well, no one can say that anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of the man out of Wisconsin, and I’m certain he’ll get it together. But when your defense creates four turnovers for you, how do you not pull out a victory? It’s virtually impossible.

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I can’t put it all on Wilson, no matter how terrible he played. The entire offense was incredibly flat all game long. There was no hunger to win when they should have been the hungriest they have ever been.

That’s what’s really so frustrating about this loss, at least for me. Seattle had a chance to seal the division and home field advantage with a week to go. To come out in front of the 12th man and play terribly on offense is nothing short of disgusting. With this loss, Seattle has effectively given San Francisco hope to steal all that Seattle has worked toward this season. If Seattle chokes again on Sunday and San Francisco wins, it will be the most disappointing event since the 49ers won the NFC. Remember how that felt, 12th man? Yeah, that simply can’t happen.

This is the time of year when contenders ought to be peaking, not derailing. The offense needs to regain its will to win, because no matter how good your defense is, and the Seahawks have an incredibly phenomenal defense, ten points is not going to win an NFC playoff game. The Seattle Seahawks need to get it together, and fast.

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  • Gtran

    The timing between RW and GT was off in few critical plays. The Cardinals did an excellent job to stop the run to make the Seahawks offense one-dimensional and kept RS in the pocket. If I recall correctly, one Cards scoring drive got extra 30 yards from 2 consecutive defense penalties. However, I still had hope in RW’s magical 4th qtr come-back to go to OT but the drive came to halt after the controversial interception call (the ball bounced from “iron-arm” of DB: I did not see DB hold his arm after the play). I believe Seahawks will bounce back and make them back to the MetLife. Go Hawks!