How the Miami Dolphins can reach the playoffs

Entering the last week of the NFL season, the Miami Dolphins are on the edge. This week will finally determine whether or not Miami will qualify for the 2013 playoffs. In order for this to happen, two things will have to come to fruition: the Dolphins will have to win and other teams will have to lose.

This week , the Dolphins will have to face the arch-rival  New York Jets in Sun Life Stadium at 1:00PM.  No matter who’s having a good year or not, each team will play hard just because they are rivals.

The Dolphins will have to play well in order to get this win. Earlier in the season, Miami defeated the Jets by a whopping score of 23-3 in New York. The Jets will want to do the same against Miami in their own stadium.  In addition, the Jets are aware that if they win this game, Miami’s playoff dreams will be crushed. That only adds as extra motivation to defeat the Dolphins. If the Dolphins want to win this game, they must be prepared to bring their A game.

For the Dolphins , a lot is at stake. With a win, the Dolphins have a chance to make the playoffs. The hard part about this situation is that even if they were to win, they still might not make the playoffs. Either way, the only thing that the Dolphins can control is their business.

If the Dolphins were to win their game, they would need some help from a few other teams. There are two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1:

If the Dolphins, Chargers and Ravens all win, then the Dolphins will go to the playoffs based on conference record.

Scenario 2:

If the Dolphins and Chargers win and the Ravens lose, then the Dolphins win based on owning the tiebreaker with the Chargers.

The one main thing that Miami can’t afford is for the Baltimore Ravens to win, and for the Dolphins to lose, or  win and have Ravens win, but the Chargers lose.  The reason why the Dolphins cannot have this to happen is because if the Ravens and Dolphins tie in record, the Ravens own the tiebreaker. If the Dolphins and Chargers tie, the Dolphins own the tiebreaker. In a three way tie, the Dolphins also win the tiebreaker.

The Dolphins will have the hardest time depending on the Chargers to win their game in scenario because the Chargers host the avid Kansas City Chief defense. The Dolphins will have to strictly first win their game, then worry about the rest.

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The Dolphins are entering this week with hopes of achieving  playoff berth. They will have some obstacles in their way as we see. The best thing that the Dolphins can do to save their season is to take care of the Jets, and hope for the best.

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