VCU Basketball: Is HAVOC fully back in action after a tough few games?

Fans are naturally hard on their team when they know what their players are capable of, and VCU basketball fans are no different. Although their record is 10-3, VCU fans have watched as the flow they were so used to seeing disappear.

This VCU “HAVOC” basketball fans and critics speak of is a beautiful beast. When HAVOC is turned up the Rams are unstoppable as they exude talent while showing how much fun they have on the court. When HAVOC is running thin, the Rams look tired as they miss shots/easy rebounds, while looking almost unamused.

Juvonte Reddic and Doug Brooks defend against Virginia Tech (Photo Credit: Joe Mahoney)

Juvonte Reddic and Doug Brooks defend against Virginia Tech (Photo Credit: Joe Mahoney)

Although the Rams have been winning games, watching these games hasn’t been the easiest. The HAVOC fire has appeared to be a bit dim. With their enormous victory against Virginia Tech earlier this week, the Rams look to be back in full action. The pace of the game stayed quick, which fueled HAVOC and enabled players to show off the talent they knew they had. Fans saw Senior Juvonte Reddic running plays under the basket once again as his strength and quick hands secured the ball.

Off the bench, sophomore, Melvin Johnson stole the shooting spotlight as he swept the board with 27 points. He entered the game three minutes in and sunk his first 3-pointer within 20 seconds. From there he stayed strong shooting outside and worked his way inside to round out his 27 points. Johnson is a player who never stops growing with the team. VCU could use a strong 3-point shooter right now so his consistency outside excites fans who know they could use the extra points.

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Melvin Johnson (Photo Credit: Mark Gormus/Times Dispatch)

Melvin Johnson (Photo Credit: Mark Gormus/Times Dispatch)

Mo Alie-Cox also came off the bench strong. He kept momentum up on offence as he captured 5 rebounds on our side of the court, while shooting 5 points of his own. Alie-Cox is an important powerhouse. One match-up that fans should lookout for will be between him and Jequan Lewis. Lewis is lightening quick and can drive to the basket where Alie-Cox waits for his quick pass to sink the basket. The Rams can utilize this match-up of speed and power to their advantage in future plays.

Overall this game looked to be one of VCU’s best yet. Player’s energy and good vibes seem to be back up. VCU travels to Brooklyn, NY on Saturday to unleash HAVOC on Boston College at 7:30.

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