Freshman of the year, 1st team All American, and National Player of the Year for Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker has been leading this Duke Blue Devil team for the first part of the season and, with eleven games over for Duke, has looked like one of the best players in the country.  Parker has led the Blue Devils to a 9-2 record with losses against Arizona and Kansas.  This team has been inconsistent and is still improving, but Parker has been great all season.

He is averaging 22 points and 8 rebounds so far, and looks like someone who plays his best on the big stage.  Against the better teams they have played, Parker has averaged over twenty points.  He has played well every game, and has been one of the most consistent players in college basketball.  He hasn’t had a bad game this season, and looks like the best player in college basketball. Jabari Parker

Parker winning freshman of the year would not be a surprise at all, and might be bigger surprise if he didn’t win it.  He has been the most consistent freshman this season, and has been the best.  Considering this is one of the best freshmen classes in college basketball, this says it all for Parker.   The other freshmen who could have something to say about this are Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon.  They both have been playing well throughout the season, but Parker does stand alone compared to the other freshman.

The first team All American is another likely outcome for Parker this season.  A season where a freshman was picked for preseason All American team should only benefit him, and shows how much people thought of this incoming freshman class.  He should be able to get a spot on the first team All American team.  He is one of the best players in the country, and has played like it in every game this season.

The national player of the year he has a shot to win, but this one should be one of the tougher accomplishments for him.  There are a number of players that could take it away, and one of the first names that come to mind is Marcus Smart.  He has been playing great this season, and has his team ranked higher than Duke so far.  The other player who has a great shot at getting the National Player of the Year award is Doug McDermott.   He has been amazing this season, but with a team that won’t be as good as Oklahoma State or Duke will he be able to make that up with stats alone.

This should be a special season for Parker and Duke which will only help him at the end of the season.  He is the best player on one of the best teams this season, and with his versatility makes this a special season for Parker.  The only thing Duke fans have to wonder about is whether he will stay at Duke for another season, and if so how good could he be next season.