LeBron James vs. Reggie Miller in a 3-point shootout?

Reggie Miller was the 11th overall pick in 1987 and an alumni of UCLA. Miller played 18 seasons for the Indiana Pacers. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012. The Pacers retired his no.31 jersey in 2006. He made five All-Star teams and won an Olympic gold medal in 1996.

Miller appeared on the Dan Patrick show a few days ago and claimed that he could beat LeBron James in 3-point shootout right now. Steph Curry and Kevin Love were brought up and Miller said he couldn’t beat them right now but when LeBron was brought up his whole demeanor changed. Some cockiness and arrogance showed as he said he would beat LeBron without any hesitation.52830459_display_image

Is Miller jealous of LeBron? Is he mad that he never won a ring or multiple MVP’s? Does he just flat out not like LeBron because of the rivalry LeBron has started with the Pacers?

It’s obvious that Miller doesn’t like LeBron as he’s called James out multiple times during the eastern conference finals last year, and blazed LeBron on the debate of the 2012 Olympic Dream team beating the 1996 Dream team.

Maybe I’m wrong about it all. Maybe Miller likes LeBron (I doubt it) but he has every right to be cocky considering he’s one of the best 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA. Is Miller a better overall better player than LeBron? In my opinion, no, considering LeBron is 6’8 weighing 250 with crazy abilities compared to Reggie Miller who is 6’7 weighing 185. They’re two completely different players with different styles of play.

So how good was Reggie Miller at shooting three’s? Do you think he could beat LeBron right now in a shootout?

Miller attempted 6,486 3-point shots for his career and made 2,560 of them. He has a career average of 39 percent for 3-pointers. His highest percentage was 42 percent in 1997-98. LeBron’s highest percentage was last season when he shot 40 percent. Miller poured in 25,279 points to finish his career in 12th place on league’s all-time scoring list. LeBron James passed Larry Bird and Gary Payton last night to be 29th on the all-time scoring list.

LeBron James’ dunk to pass Bird and Peyton on all-time scoring list

Since Millers retirement, he’s been surpassed by Ray Allen as the NBA’s all-time 3-point king. He broke an eight-year-old mark set by Larry Bird when he hit 61 three-pointers in 1987-88, more than any other rookie in NBA history.

Miller had a lot of clutch moments in his career. He had moments where he dropped 25 points in the fourth quarter going 5 for 5 beyond the arch. That moment was in the Madison Square Garden. His defining moment as a clutch performer may have come in Game 1 of the conference semifinals in New York in 1995.

The Pacers were down by six with 16.9 seconds when Miller hit a three. He stole the inbound pass and dribbled behind the 3-point line to sink another one to tie the game. After the Knicks missed two free-throws, Miller sank another shot to give them a 107-105 victory. In a span of nine seconds, Miller scored eight points.

Watch Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds here!

He had other great moments as he sank clutch three pointers over Michael Jordan in the Eastern Conference Finals but yet again the Pacers never won a title. The closest he came to winning was in 2000 where faced off with the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. The Pacers lost the series 4-2. Reggie Miller never won a ring but he did have clutch shots that won’t be forgotten.

So to answer the question of who would win, I think Reggie would beat LeBron in a shootout. It would be closer than many would think, but he most likely would win. Besides a shootout, Miller has no chance at beating LeBron in a regular matchup. Reggie Miller was a great shooter and I respect him a lot. LeBron James is growing to become a better shooter as he improved a lot last season and he’s continuing to improve. Maybe in a couple of years LeBron could beat Miller in a shootout.

  • Jon

    No offense but this isn’t even an argument Reggie would destroy LeBron… He’s a hall of fame 3 point specialist

    Didn’t need this article to know that.