The shape of Barcelona F.C.: Pedro’s new role

barcelona f.c.

Pedro vs. Getafe

While Lionel Messi is closer to his come back after two months of inactivity, due to a hamstring injury, Neymar was expected to become the go-to man for Barcelona F.C., instead Pedro and Fabregas became the energy boost that the team needed.

Neymar did not disappoint when he was given the chance to lead the team, he still hasn’t found his best form, but he was still able to make the difference. Neymar possesses the ability to adapt to any position in the field, he has the speed, the vision, the shot and the mobility to play either in the midfield, on the wings, and as a center forward. The questions still remain, Does Neymar have what it takes to lead Barcelona when Messi is absent?

Pedro became the surprising hero in the last couple of games, he managed to score in almost every game and he was also part of the creation  in many other goals. This player has a superb acceleration skill, which makes his ability to break through defenses on the wings lethal. Pedro is still a limited player, he is fast and a great shooter, but he lacks vision and control when it comes to restarting a play. Barcelona’s style of play makes Pedro seem out of place sometimes, he is a player that feeds off of other players that posses the ability to create chances for him to score. Pedro’s form has deteriorated over the years, the player we see today is not the same one that took part on Spain’s world cup winning team in 2010. He has never been a crucial starter in the team, he has always shared his playtime with Alexis Sanchez and other youngsters, and now that Neymar is in the team his playing time will be even shorter.

Barcelona F.C.

Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas is another player whose form hasn’t been the best since his arrival in 2011, when he was in Arsenal he was one of the best players in the Premier league and was seen as a rising star, now he is the first substitute for the team. What makes this player a key one is his ability to play anywhere in the field, he can play in the wings, as a back, in the attack, and in any position on the midfield. He has been rumored to be transferred for quite a while now, there was speculation that he was not happy in the team, but he has managed to keep himself in good shape.

These two players have provided the team with a temporary and successful strategy, they have managed to created an answer when the times get rough and when the injuries plague the group. Messi and Neymar will be back and will be 100 percent for the second half of the season in which Barcelona will play for all three competitions, and that is when Fabregas and Pedro will thrive the most.