Baltimore Ravens: How to clinch the final wild card spot

The fate of the Baltimore Ravens’ 2013 season all depends on their Week 17 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. In addition to the Ravens, four other teams are in the hunt for the final AFC wild card spot in the postseason. The Miami Dolphins and the San Diego Chargers both hold the same record as the Ravens at 8-7. The Pittsburgh Steelers are also in the mix after turning their season around and currently holding a 7-8 record.

All four teams have a shot at the sixth playoff berth in the AFC this season, making Week 17 one that will have fans all over on the edge of their seats.

The Dolphins welcome the 7-8 New York Jets to Sun Life Stadium in Miami for their divisional showdown. The Chargers will take on the 11-4 Kansas City Chiefs at home. The Chiefs already own the fifth wild card position in the AFC. The Steelers will host the 4-11 Cleveland Browns.

But what do the Ravens have to do to claim their position in the postseason?

There are five possible scenarios in which the Ravens can secure a playoff spot.


1. Ravens win and a Dolphins loss or tie

The Ravens hold the tiebreaker over the Dolphins after defeating them in Week 5.


2.Ravens win and a Chargers loss or tie

The Ravens have a better conference record than the Chargers, with Baltimore at 6-5 in the AFC and San Diego at 5-6 in the AFC.


3. Ravens tie, a Dolphins loss, and a San Diego loss or tie

Again, the Ravens would clinch due to their conference record over the Chargers.


4. Ravens tie, a Dolphins tie, and a Chargers loss

The Ravens would hold a tiebreaker over both teams in this scenario.


5. Ravens loss, a Dolphins loss, a Chargers loss, and a Steelers loss or tie

A Dolphins loss to the Jets would eliminate them from a multi-way tie and the Ravens would still have a better record in the AFC than the Chargers and the Jets. The Steelers would be eliminated upon a loss.


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