A hypothetical playoff picture for the Seattle Seahawks

It hit me last night as I finished my preview of the Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams: Seattle is too good a team and needs the win too badly to choke.

So, to try and ease any nerves that might be affecting myself and the rest of the 12th man, I will go through a hypothetical situation on how Seattle’s road to the Super Bowl could unfold. The important thing about this hypothetical, remember, is that it is based on Seattle winning tomorrow’s game at CenturyLink Field.

Seattle Seahawks

The Legion of Boom will face tough offenses no matter how Week 17 unfolds. (Photo: bleacherreport.net)

In addition to Seattle winning tomorrow, I envision Carolina, Philadelphia, Green Bay, New Orleans, and, as much as it pains me to say it, San Francisco all winning their last regular season game. The seedings would then look like this from one to six: Seattle, Carolina, Philadelphia, Green Bay, San Francisco, and New Orleans. The Seahawks would secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and they and Carolina would get the first round bye.

That would lead the Wild Card matchups to be Philadelphia hosting New Orleans and Green Bay hosting San Francisco. San Francisco would then go on to crush the Packers, who are not deserving of a playoff spot anyway, and I can see Philadelphia narrowly defeating the Saints.

The divisional round would be an exciting one, with Carolina hosting the Eagles and the Seahawks and 49ers renewing their rivalry once again. Carolina’s defense could shut down LeSean McCoy and the Eagles and make it to the NFC Championship. Seattle, depending on which Seahawks team shows up tomorrow against the Rams, could have their hands full. But, given that it would be in Seattle and the 12th man would be insanely loud again, Seattle would win and host Carolina.

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The Seahawks and Panthers faced off during Week 1 this season, and it ended up being quite the defensive ballgame, as neither offense could put up many points. The two defenses have consistently been solid all year, and it wouldn’t be a shootout of an NFC title game, but it would be a memorable one. I like Seattle at home, but it could be an ugly offensive performance for the Hawks, so much so that I wouldn’t feel too good about the Super Bowl against a team like the Broncos or Patriots.

Snatching home field tomorrow vs. the Rams would give Seattle a huge advantage in the playoffs against very solid teams like San Francisco and Carolina. But would those matchups occur? Who do you have emerging victorious tomorrow, and who do you think will face off in the Wild Card and Division rounds? Let me know below.

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  • Ron Grummer

    If the cardinals team that showed up in Seattle last week, shows up at home this week, watching the Niners get beat and coming in third in the NFCWest would be sweet wine, plus it would give Wilson a shot to avenge last week later on in the playoffs. As for the rest, I could care less as long as it happens in Seattle.