Minnesota Vikings: Expect Frazier to be fired by week’s end

The firings are happening quickly this year as the Browns and Redskins have reportedly already cut ties with their head coaches. Expect the Minnesota Vikings to do the same with Leslie Frazier in the near future.

A very disappointing season came to an end this afternoon with a 14-13 win over the Detroit Lions. This was the last game that will ever be played in the Metrodome; to that I say thanks for the memories. Hopefully for the fans, this will also mark the last game coached by Frazier; for that I am crossing my fingers.

Coaching in the NFL is difficult, but Frazier and his staff were bush league at best. Minnesota has one of the most electrifying offenses in all of football and it would be nice to have an offensive minded coaching staff to come in and use that to their advantage.

Today, Cordarrelle Patterson was brilliant. When he snagged that high pass from Matt Cassel in the fourth quarter it was like watching Randy Moss. The new number 84 needs a lot of catches and a new offensive scheme would certainly help. The credit card sized play book that offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave uses is not dynamic enough to suit the offensive weapons the team has.

I expect improvements to be made via free agency on the defensive side of the ball. A few new faces in the secondary would be what the doctor ordered for the Vikings as interceptions and stops through the air were rare this season. This year’s Vikings defense was horrendous, especially in the secondary. If a new staff comes in, so do some new veterans in the secondary.

There are many options for the Vikings at head coach. I have mentioned these names in previous articles, but I really think that the Vikings have a talented enough team to win a lot of games under a good coach next season. The level of talent will also make it easier for a big name coach to say yes to the open head coaching position.

Minnesota Vikings

Cordarrelle Patterson is going to be an offensive power for the Vikings with the right head coach.
(Photo Credit: Nam Y. Huh/AP)

I don’t foresee a Jon Gruden, Lovie Smith, Brian Billick or Mike Shanahan saying no to Adrian Peterson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Rudolph and Greg Jennings leading an offense, especially if the Vikings land a star rookie quarterback in the draft.

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The Vikings also have a stellar defensive line filled with young talent. It’d be hard for the a good coach to not win here. They just need to present a little less predictability and a lot more creativity with the game plan. That’s the thing Frazier’s staff could not do. It was all too predictable.

What do you think? Will Frazier be gone by the end of the week? Will he be gone at all? Who would you like to see coaching the team next season?

If the Vikings want to be winners they need to get rid of the pretenders, starting with the coaching staff.

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  • Christian Paul Sack

    I believe Bill Cowher would be the best choice for the Vikings. Ofcourse Frazier will proably go to another team and win the Super bowl.

  • laporte

    Frazier’s a Nice Guy, but in my opinion he’s just Not Head-coaching Material…too many bad game plans, too many bad decisions, too many badly-managed games. Gruden would LOVE to coach this group of Talented Players…especially with a Class-A Draft of DBs.

  • cp123

    i think speilman needs to go first

  • cp123

    he can find all player but a qaurterback

  • hockeyguy21

    “Minnesota has one of the most electrifying offenses in all of football…”

    Is there an alternate universe somewhere that another Minnesota Vikings team has been playing in?? This author is absolutely clueless! The last time the Vikings had an electrifying offense was when Brett Favre was the QB in 2009, and that was ONLY because of Brett Favre. Don’t get me wrong, Adrian Peterson is the best RB to ever play the game, but even with his performance last year the Vikings were still only 10-6 and barely made the playoffs. This team NEEDS a franchise QB…period. And believe it or not, offense was the least of this teams problems this year…the defense was atrocious. The defense cost this team 5 games where we had the lead going into the final quarter. In the game against the Ravens the offense scored 2 touchdowns in the final 2 minutes of the game, all while the defense and special teams gave up 3. With defense like that it doesn’t matter how good your offense is. The author seems to think with a few “new faces” all the defenses problems will be solved. He does realize that the Vikings are going to lose Jared Allen and Kevin Williams on the d-line right?? He also realizes there’s a little thing called a salary cap in NFL football too right?? Also, judging by his list of coaching candidates this author gave evidently the best coaches in the business are going to be beating down the door to coach the Vikings next year. Again, he’s living in a DREAM world. I don’t mind the firing of Frasier and the rest of the staff, but Rick Spielman needs to go FIRST. If this author truly believes this teams biggest problem is offense then how can you keep a GM who’s missed on 3 of the 4 starting QB’s this team has had since he’s had the job, all while letting the defense go in the toilet???

  • Shaun M Tatarka

    Brian Billick anyone? Could he get along with Zygi and co.?

  • Shaun M Tatarka

    Pete Carroll–oh wait, he’s got a job. Habit……