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While the Boston Celtics have played far better than most thought, and have much greater reason to be excited about their future, than being distraught, there is still reason to have worrisome thoughts. Some of these may be far-fetched, but not out of the realm of possibility.

While there have been no real indications of any major weaknesses of head coach Brad Stevens (he seems like a great hire so far), it remains to be seen how he will handle a notoriously difficult player such as Rajon Rondo, who has yet to play since his knee injury from last season. While it may be at the forefront of worries at this point, how Stevens handles a star player that can be difficult (Rondo repeatedly had conflict with previous head coach Doc Rivers, and the Big 3), will determine whether or not Stevens can handle a team. down the line that may have elite talent, that usually comes with elite egos. If Stevens can harness a player as difficult as Rondo, than that would go along way in answering this question, but for right now, we will have to wait and see.

Speaking of Rondo, we still don’t know what kind of player he will be after his devastating knee injury from last season. His game is dependent on him being more athletic than most of the players in the NBA, and if he has lost a half-step, that could really affect a player such as Rondo. If he can’t manage to closely resemble the player he was before the injury, that could also complicate matters.

Ideally, the Celtics could package him in a deal with others (Jeff Green and/or Brandon Bass), but the Celtics might not get as much as previously thought in a haul for their All-Star point guard. Even if everything goes perfectly, Rondo will not be the best player on a championship caliber team. He isn’t quite a superstar, rather he is a tremendously unique player that does many things that others in the NBA at his position can’t. Ultimately, his chasing of assists and reluctance to get to the free throw line hamper that potential super star ability.

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While this upcoming draft has many talented players, ideally the Celtics could land somewhere in the top five picks or so. With their better than expected record, their draft positioning might be affected in a negative manner, which could hurt them for years in the future, wasting more years with Brad Stevens. You never know how these college players will pan out, but it’d be great for the Celtics to accumulate as many quality picks as possible to help secure their future.

Also, its hard to expect players like Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Bass to keep playing as well as they have. While the coaching staff, and players deserve credit for playing well, sometimes a players bad habits slowly come back to roost when things aren’t going their way. If that is the case, then, expect some regression among these players.

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  • Bill Burke

    Ainge is smart at what he does,Stevens has been great,takes time,but Sullenger,Ornyk,and Bradley are big keys…