Manchester United in free fall?

After a mixture of spoor performances both home and away, will Manchester United recover in time to save their season?  Or has Sir Alex Ferguson casted too big of shadow on David Moyes?

One thing is for sure, Manchester United haven’t played to their expectations and this is frustrating the fans.  Tactical deficiencies, poor lineup selections, and the even the style of play has considerably decayed.  For a club of Manchester United’s stature which is used to playing quick, counter-attacking football has now gradually slowed down over the course of the season while under David Moyes’ management.  David MoyesUtilizing players like Fellaini and misplacing other players have led to an imbalance in team chemistry and with lots of formation changes suggests that Moyes may not have found a clicking Manchester United side.

Manchester United are free falling to 7th place with 34 points earned from 20 matches played.  In last year’s season in charge, Sir Alex Ferguson had the Red Devils positioned inside the top four whereas Moyes has failed to do so.  It was always going to be challenging but when you inherit a squad that won the Premier League title the year previously, there really aren’t any excuses for the squad to perform so poorly.  A lot of change is in desperate need at Old Trafford if they are going to salvage anything this season.

There seems to be a lot of different issues concerning a player’s playing time and ability to fit Moyes’s new vision of Manchester United.  Surprisingly, the Japanese international Shinji Kagawa hasn’t had a lot of chances to impress under Moyes.  He has the ability to unlock defenses with a single threading through ball and has the trickery to devastate defenses.  But he has been thrusted into a wide left position for the majority of his career at Manchester United which has even frustrated his former manager, Jurgen Klopp.

“Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United – on the left wing!”  It would seem to be the preferable option to play in the no.10 role in order for Wayne Rooney to occupy the striker’s spot so he can lead the frontline.  Wayne RooneyRooney has single handedly kept Manchester United in contention to make the top four a reality along with rising star Adnan Januzaj.  

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Another tactical change that seems to have brought new life in Januzaj who performed fantastically  playing in the inverted wing spot in United’s 2-1 loss to Spurs.  He tormented Danny Rose all game long with excellent technique and deft touches to get around him.  With this recent home loss, many can say that Old Trafford has fallen from grace into being a stadium that opponents don’t fear anymore.  

With home losses against Everton and Newcastle, Old Trafford hasn’t been the same force it was once.  Its not an intimidating venue and the aura of victory and success seems to be long forgotten.  This is surely an issue that can fixed but is David Moyes the right person to fix this problem? If not him, who is?

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