Georgia Tech Football: Fans on Twitter want to “Fire Paul Johnson”

I wrote an article two weeks ago that, unlike my other articles, received an unprecedented amount of attention before I took it down after all the personal attacks. In the article, I talked about how many fans were very unhappy with coach Paul Johnson and how things are stagnating with the Georgia Tech football program. I removed it because of all the profanity and negative content. However, I wish I hadn’t, because most of the things I said that fans were saying about CPJ were tweeted after Monday’s loss to Ole Miss in the Music City Bowl.

In the article, I discussed CPJ and his one bowl victory in his entire tenure at Tech, the fast start and rapid decline of the seasons since 2009, Georgia Tech being outcoached and outplayed, turnovers, injuries, and other things that have plagued the Jackets as of late. When I began discussing how I had spoken to many fans and stated that they wanted Paul Johnson replaced, I received interesting comments about being a woman that “shouldn’t talk football” because I was an “idiot” or “had no clue”. Apparently, because I didn’t get the name and contact info of every fan that I spoke to, the information was written off as “pure BS”.

Twitter is a pretty amazing tool and resource when you know exactly what you’re doing with it. On Monday evening, I decided to see if I was missing the mark in my previous article, or were the fans that happened to read the article just unhappy with someone openly discussing Coach Johnson and the coaching issues at Tech. I searched “Coach Paul Johnson” just to see what would come up. The following screenshots are some of the tweets from fans that I happened to see. CPJ1








After reading those tweets, it’s painfully obvious that everyone isn’t happy with Paul Johnson lately. Since 2008, the Yellow Jackets are 1-5 in bowl games, with the only win being the Sun Bowl in 2012. The season records since winning the ACC Championship in 2009 are 6-7, 8-5, 7-7 and 7-6 this season.

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Most of those seasons seemed to look promising before taking major dives and ending just around the corner from .500. And needless to say, Georgia Tech hasn’t beaten UGA since their comeback win in 2008 at Sanford Stadium.

Although Tech continues to rank in the top 5 in the nation in rushing yards, they still struggle to omit turnovers and simple mistakes from the game plan. This season in particular, Georgia Tech started the season on a three-game winning streak before losing the next three games to Virginia Tech, Miami and BYU. Early leads and late failures were the tale of the tape for the Jackets in 2013, and it has been a trend for the past few seasons.

Judging by the tweets, maybe these are some of the issues that are frustrating Georgia Tech fans and calling for Paul Johnson’s head. I’m not too sure if continuing with Paul Johnson is the best option at the moment, but the fans certainly aren’t excited with how things have transpired. It will be interesting to see if CPJ will finish his contract at Tech, or if they will decide to look elsewhere for a replacement.

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  • WnE

    This is a pretty poorly written article filled with bias and “I told you so’s.” Try and do some actual research next time and include quotable sources who matter.

    “Twitter is a pretty amazing tool and resource when you know exactly what you’re doing with it.”

    It’s painfully obvious that you don’t know what you are doing in regards to social networking research. Trends take time to spot. Any fool can point to the diatribe immediately following a painful loss. After all, that’s when the trolls get to mouth off.

    I won’t insult you for being a woman. Those idiots were wrong the last time. The fact that you aren’t a good sports columnist has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with talent. It’s becoming apparent you do not possess any with regards to reporting sports.

  • RB

    You justify your position with a handful of “tweets”? That’s your proof? That’s your “source”? Typical “journalist” with an opinion based upon nothing. This is a perfect example of why the Founders screwed up when they included Freedom of the Press in the First Amendment.


    Excellent article. Just go over to the ajc page and see how many disgruntled fans there are. Many GT fans had reservations on CPJ from the very beginning. But we respectfully gave him time to demonstrate what he could or could not do. After an absolutely dismal performance against every team that matters, there is no other choice but to fire him. The fact that he is still employed is ridiculous. There is no sound reason to keep him even with the buy out. So many of us are tired of the same day in and out excuses. The only thing he has successfully done was actually make the program worse. Please keep up the work. Many of us are withdrawing financial support until the administration listens.

  • Wallace B. McClure

    Well, I didn’t see your article. There has been lots of grumblings about Paul Johnson, and it didn’t just start this year. The complaining about PJ has been growing. I wasn’t a fan of the big contract extension after the 2009 ACC championship. He was winning with someone else’s players. Let’s see how well he can recruit. Now, we are stuck with him. If we fire him, he gets a big payout. If not, we’re stuck with an okie dokie offense. The offense runs up great stats against below average teams and gets pushed around against good teams. Recruit, recruit, recruit, and it is not happening. With Vad Lee transferring, this show is over.

  • Wreck

    If they get ride of Johnson, it will take a few years to bring in the talent to change offense. They should not have fired Galey. He was doing a great job recruiting. In my opinion, a major miss-step.