VCU Basketball: With a record of 11-3, why are the Rams not receiving credit?

With a record of 11-3 why are the Rams still not receiving credit? Year and year again it appears that VCU is underestimated by the media and by critics that give out kudos. The Rams have been off the AP Top 25 radar since week 6 as they were dropped from receiving enough points to be listed below the poll. Since week 6 they haven’t been spoken about much, but with their ability to play both big and small and their game looking better than ever, they will demand attention eventually.

VCU battles Boston College (Photo Credit: Ben Solomon)

VCU battles Boston College (Photo Credit: Ben Solomon)

VCU’s thrilling run to the Final Four in 2011 is one of the best examples of how the Rams are under estimated. Several commentators said VCU didn’t deserve their spot the tournament, but boy were they wrong. When these comments were made the Rams used it as fuel to their HAVOC fire and proved skeptics wrong. Fans can’t help but to feel frustrated that with an 11-3 record VCU is, once again, not getting much chatter.

One can’t deny that teams making the Top 25 have had challenging schedules and big wins. VCU needs to win all their big games from here on out and they need to stop giving up so many points per game in order to really earn recognition. Their schedule will be difficult in the near future as they face many in-conference games. Winning these will be vital if VCU wants anything to do with the national tournament.

VCU beats Boston College to earn an 11-3 record. (Photo Credit: Ben Solomon)

VCU beats Boston College to earn an 11-3 record. (Photo Credit: Ben Solomon)

What qualities will VCU utilize in order to take over the A-10? One of the biggest will be their ability to play big and small. Not many teams have a squad like VCU’s. Players are talented enough to play big and small. Adding to that, VCU also has the sheer size in many players as well as a great group of shorter players. As many people know, one of Coach Smart’s recruiting tactics is to find the players with size (as most do) but he finds the ones who still have a quick bone in them. In order to keep up with Coach Smart’s style of play their speed is a must and it adds to the success of the team. This versatility confuses their opponents. Many times teams come in playing small because they expect that style from VCU and when this happens the Rams can switch it up.

VCU plays Stony Brook tonight in their Siegel Center at 9:00.

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