Mexico Soccer: The wildcards

(AP Photo/Christian Palma)

(AP Photo/Christian Palma)

Mexico manager Miguel Herrera has very little time to assemble the perfect squad for June.

The World Cup draws near and couple of absentee wildcards from El Tri in 2013 could be the missing components needed to do well in the big tournament.

Brazil 2014 will be Herrera’s biggest obstacle to date at the reigns of El Tri. The inevitable question lingers, is El Tri capable of overcoming the hardship of 2013 in time for Brazil? If Mexico wants to have a good showing it’s going to need every weapon in its arsenal.

Here is a short list of wild cards that could spruce up the squad for Brazil 2014.


4. Marco Fabian

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Europe)

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Europe)

The Cruz Azul acquisition could find his form this season. Chivas de Guadalajara has long since been on a downward spiral falling, so a change of scenery could do Fabian well. Fabian will no longer have the burden of attempting to carry Guadalajara out of the hole it is in. The Olympic gold medalist has the quality to surely enhance El Tri’s attack when he finds his form.

3. Pablo Barrera

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)

(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)

Barrera has been sidelined for awhile due to injury and it’s hard to say if he will recover in time. But Barrera can be a major asset to El Tri in Brazil. In 2011 he was an undisputed starter. He scored two of the goals that helped Mexico acquire the Gold Cup in 2011. He was a fearsome presence down the flanks and was a key figure in the squad when El Tri played some of its best football.

2. Jesus Manuel Corona


Corona’s got a knack for flare. He can be a headache to mark with his step overs, he moves like a light. Corona is the kind of player Mexico lacks. He plays without fear takes on defenders and beats them. Still only 20 years-old he helped Mexico’s youth squad attain the U-20 CONCACAF Championship in Mexico against the United States. Corona deserves an opportunity to fight for a spot. Herrera is in dyer need of quality players. Herrera needs players like Corona to improve the base he created in the playoff against New Zealand. Corona would be a fresh inclusion to the squad.

1. Carlos Vela

AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

It has been a stubborn process getting Vela on board. But if Herrera can convince him to commit to El Tri, then Mexico will most certainly have a greater chance of advancing from group A. Vela has proven he can be a consistent player. Vela has much to offer El Tri, goals, penetration in attack, and quality passing.  Vela continues to be on fire. It would be foolish for him to pass up another chance to represent El Tri, this time  in Brazil.

Still, Vela and the others remain wildcards to the squad that may or may not be played in Brazil.

  • art aguirre

    Vela without exception…is the wildcard…any team would love to have.