Milwaukee Bucks need to find a consistent rotation

The Milwaukee Bucks need to find some consistency with their rotation to win games.  It all starts with the head coach. Larry Drew seems undecided on the team’s identity as a whole and what he wants to do.  Some of the blame could be shifted toward General Manager John Hammond.  This roster is built rather awkwardly.  While it has a decent balance of veterans and young players, it seems that the Bucks have a roster of players who are good but not quite great.  This has shown on the court as a result.

Lately Drew has been experimenting with a two guard starting lineup. Drew has been starting Luke Ridnour and Brandon Knight together to make a more dynamic offense.  It has shown some positive effects from it so far. Against the Utah Jazz, Ridnour was able to team up with LARRY SANDERS! and run an efficient pick and roll scheme.  Knight has been able to become more of a combination guard instead of just a regular point guard.  Knight has shown he can produce given enough minutes. Averaging 34.2 minutes the past five games, he has been averaging 20 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists.  Knight currently leads the Bucks in points and assists with 14.7 and 4.4 respectively.  Knight is showing growth as a player who can shoulder a larger role for the Bucks in the future.


There are a few other Bucks who are improving with more minutes played.  Rookie guard Giannis Antetokounmpo has shown flashes of what may be a star in the making.  The Greek Freak has gained Drew’s trust and has been playing 30 plus minutes a night for almost the past month. He posted his first career double-double during this stretch versus the Brooklyn Nets.  The Greek Freak has given Bucks’ fans some hope by bringing in some exciting dunks and defense.  One thing that Antetokounmpo seems to excel at is his transition game.  Even when he is still somewhat new to the NBA, the transition game is more instinctual and lets the Greek Freak make more natural decisions without over thinking.

Another player who is back in the fold LARRY SANDERS!  After missing the past six weeks with a thumb injury, the center has been able to find his groove and play like he did during the 2012-2013 season. LARRY SANDERS! is rebounding and blocking shots like his old self and this is a sight for sore eyes.  The Bucks have been missing his presence in the middle.

One casualty of the rotational inconsistency is Khris Middleton.  Middleton was showing he could handle major minutes for the Bucks by providing scoring and rebounding.  In a move to either let him rest a little more or something between him the Coach Drew, the past two games have seen a reduced amount of minutes for Middleton.  Two games is hardly anything to write about, but with the way the minutes have been changing for this squad it could be a new trend.

What do you think the Bucks should play more? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • n. kordinas

    Please don’t associate Gianni with the word “Freak ” because it’s unjust and demeaning for such ayoung athlete. The right characterization would be “The Greek Phenom”.