Green Bay Packers’ season was always just short


The Green Bay Packers’ season ended on a frustrating note as Green Bay lost by three points to San Francisco, which exemplified the entire season.

Always short, just shy, almost there. There was never any comfort.

This season wasn’t destined for a Super Bowl appearance.  Despite numerous comebacks and random glimmers of hope, Green Bay wasn’t meant to make it far in the playoffs.  It’s surprising they won the NFC North to begin with.

And while the Packers hung in with the 49ers for the entire game Jan. 5, and managed several lead changes, an interception, sacks and containment of Frank Gore, it wasn’t enough.  Just like this whole season, everything the Packers did wasn’t enough.  It was always one step forward, two giant steps back.

Now don’t get me wrong, Green Bay wasn’t completely terrible this season.  They overcame a 24-3 first half discrepancy in Dallas, managed to keep playoff hopes alive with a string of average backup quarterbacks and somehow won the NFC North.  Eddie Lacy was a huge factor, minus his early injuries, and new players stepped up and showed their athletic worth on the field.

But the Packers weren’t stellar either, with countless injuries to critical players, a crumbling defense and a mediocre record that shouldn’t have justified a division title.

The season started with a loss at San Francisco.  Sure, the 49ers were the NFC champions and the Packers were playing on the road, but the game set the tone of the season.  The Packers lost by six points.  They came up just short.  The loss seemed acceptable based on the team the Packers played.

But what about the 34-30 loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati with Rodgers in charge? Or the one touchdown loss to the Bears at home, who had a backup quarterback in? How about the tie against the Vikings, who were 2-8 at the time?

Excuses can be made for the losses. Yet Green Bay made stupid mistakes and could have won easy games. The team never gave enough.

Coming up short was the theme closing out the season, as backup quarterback Matt Flynn and the Packers couldn’t convert on a last-second play against the Steelers week 16. Again, they were just short. Fortunately, the Bears’ loss at Philadelphia gave them hope, and another win against the Bears week 17 sealed the Packers’ fate as NFC North champs. And while the last regular season game was hard-fought, the Packers only won by five points. Six points came from a controversial call on a Jarrett Boykin touchdown. The win was too close for comfort.

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The Packers have had a good run since playing their January 2011 wildcard playoff game. Since then, the team had won five of its last seven playoff games, including a Super Bowl, before the Jan. 5, 2014 game against San Francisco.

But unlike the past few years, this was not the Packers’ season. Time was always running out, like the clock expiring on a Phil Dawson field goal.  Until the Packers can regroup, and put up strong wins – wins with more than a touchdown separating the score – the dream season will be out of reach.

Thanks for the entertainment this year, Packers. But I’ll be waiting for you to take two steps forward, and no steps back, for the next Super Bowl run.

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  • Alfred

    Somebody should get fired for the injuries? The Packers came up short again? I’m not one for excuses but lets call it like it is. Mathews, Rogers, Cobb, Sherod and Finley had broken bones or bruised vertebrae. Not exactly something that someone else should be responsible for. They play hard, they play with a spirit we appreciate and almost all returned to help win the NFC north. We aren’t fair weather fans. We sell out the stadium when we end up 8-7-1 and its below zero. During a year of setbacks our team fought hard to the end. If you can’t feel proud and good about that the Minnesota border isn’t far away and you will fit nicely into the Viking fan base.

  • Dave

    “The Packers have had a good run since playing their January 2011 wildcard playoff game. Since then, the team had won five of its last six playoff games, including a Super Bowl, before the Jan. 5 game against San Francisco.” – huh? They are actually 1-3 in their last 4 playoff games – “But unlike the past few years, this was not the Packers’ season.” – the packers last three seasons have resulted in playoff losses, and have not made a conference championship game since 2010 – so how is this year any different?

    • tampa mike

      For the no names they had on defense I thought they did pretty good, except for Kapernick
      getting loose to many times, if Mikea Hyde picks that ball off and we move 20 yards
      we would have won,so you cant say that the entire season was just like all others, this was special they need a lot of help on that defense to get the big stops that are needed to close out a game.
      I think gb will be back strong next year.

    • Shamrexm

      Dave – Read much? He said Packers had won 5 of 6 since they lost to Arizona in that crazy WC game in 2011 (which he has the year wrong – it was 2009). The Packers went 4-0 in 2010’s play-offs and then 0-1 in 2011, then 1-0 last year UNTIL the Jan 5th game at SF. Thus the 5 of 6 up until last year’s Jan 5th game at SF. Considering the annual rash of injuries (which it’s time to fire someone over this) getting to the play-offs all but 1 of Rodger’s seasons as starting QB is still impressive – especially considering Rodgers out 7 games this year.

  • tampa mike

    gb has nothing to hang their heads about, they fought all year considering no Rogers for 7 games
    im real proud of them.

    • pissed off GB fan

      The author of the article is totally on spot. Why did Thompson have no real backup plan for Rogers? Packers minus Rogers=poor Vikings team. 49ers ended the misery. McCarthy needs to stop making bone headed calls and learn clock management.