Marquis Teague not capitalizing on chances with Chicago Bulls

On December 26, the Chicago Bulls sent Marquis Teague to the Iowa Energy of the NBA Developmental League, hoping to help build his confidence with some consistent playing time against lesser competition. Thus far in his short career, Teague has not shown much in the way of being an NBA-caliber point guard.

As a first round pick coming off of a collegiate national championship with Kentucky, the hope was for the speedy Teague to become Derrick Rose’s eventual backup; someone who could replicate a little bit of what Rose does with his speed.

So far, however, Teague has not taken advantage of ample opportunities. Since

Fly, Marquis. Fly.

Fly, Marquis. Fly.

Teague was drafted before last season, Rose has played in a total of 10 games. In that time, Kirk Hinrich has been the man tasked with stepping up and starting for Rose, meaning the backup minutes were there for the taking for Teague. Nate Robinson was the primary backup last season, and played very well, but Robinson is not someone that can’t be surpassed in a rotation if you play well enough.

With Robinson gone this year, Teague once again had a chance to stake his claim in the rotation.

Instead, Mike James and D.J. Augustin have been brought in off the street or other rosters to replace Teague and his ineffective play, and Augustin has played well enough to keep his job for the rest of the year.

So, to give him some minutes, Bulls management sent him to the D-League.

Instead, however, Teague has begun losing minutes in Iowa as well. According to the bulls blog BlogaBull, Teague has lost minutes to former Michigan State University point guard Kalin Lucas. In the story, it is noted that Teague may have tweaked his ankle while playing in Iowa, so that could partially explain the lower minutes and relatively dismal numbers (5 points, 2-8 shooting in 16 minutes in his second game).

There is still hope for Teague. His older brother Jeff, of the Atlanta Hawks, didn’t hit the ground running in the NBA, nor did fellow Indianapolis native Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies. Teague is not even 21 years old yet, and has undeniable speed and ability to get into the paint.

Once he’s back on the roster, though, he will have to start taking advantage, or the Bulls will be looking for another young point guard next offseason to be Rose’s backup.