Seattle Seahawks: Saints match-up is perfect

With the New Orleans Saints’ Wild Card win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks are guaranteed to host the Saints next week. The Carolina Panthers get to deal with the winner of the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, and this whole situation could not be more perfect for the Seahawks.

Drew Brees threw two picks this evening and is infamous for being unable to play well in cold weather. Seattle will be a chilly place next week, and so he’ll likely struggle just as much as he did when New Orleans last visited CenturyLink Field.

Mark Ingram picked up just under 100 rushing yards in Philly to aid Brees, but Seattle’s defense is not going to allow that kind of success to Mark Ingram, nor Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles. It’ll all be on Brees next week, and I think the 12th man remembers all too well how the Legion of Boom fared defending the pass. If you’re like me, you grin at the recollection of that memory.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson gets another shot to spank the Saints in Seattle. (Photo:

As much as I love this Divisional Round match for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, I’m a little disappointed in Philadelphia. Even though Seattle would face a tougher opponent had they won, I still kind of wish that the Eagles had won. I didn’t expect Philadelphia to get farther than the Wild Card, but I thought they could have taken care of business in their own chilly house against a dome team who struggles on the road. Ah well, it works out better for Seattle anyway.

I should be quick not to discount the Saints next week in Seattle. The playoffs bring out the best in teams, usually, and this game next week likely will not play out how it did during the regular season. We’ll definitely see some similarities, but the 12th man should not expect a 34-7 demolishing. I see Seattle taking this game next week, certainly, but I don’t want to write New Orleans off completely. They will definitely put up more of a fight.

In any event, Seattle fans should definitely still watch some football tomorrow. I suggest cheering on the Packers as they host the red-hot 49ers. It’s going to be a cold one, and the 49ers could struggle against Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, and the rest of the Packers. How great would this weekend be if Green Bay shocked San Francisco? Gosh, what a weekend that would be for Seattle- getting the ideal match-up for themselves, and the hated 49ers getting knocked out. Saying it out loud is music to my ears.

  • MountainMan2013

    I was thinking he was more in the op ed mode of telling us his version of what he hopes will happen. ‘Sides who made you all the internet police? And he’s right!

  • Ron Grummer

    Not sure how you consider the Saints to be a weaker opponent than Green Bay, but it makes little difference now, if we get lucky we’ll face GB in the NFC Conference game.

  • Jason Quinter

    What a horrendously slanted article. You do know writers are supposed to give a balanced approach to a story, right? Are you actually on the Seahawks payroll or do you just have your lips planted firmly on their backside out of love and devotion? How embarrassing.

    • Guy Smith

      I agree, what a moron. Sounds like he has an attachment to front-running. Suicide watch for 12th man, if they don’t win. Their sub evolved development as fans, is spawned from 37 yrs of frustration, with zero Lombardi’s and virtually no sports success in area and teams leaving. It’s one thing to be enthusiastic, but it shows how naive they are. No victory is guaranteed. They should know that by now.

      • Randy Hayden

        If you could read you would see that he’s a Seahawk Correspondent. Guy I think your the Moron. He also says he has a hudge attachment to the Hawks. Just another couple of jealous Hawk Haters.

      • hawkman54

        By another Phony whiner fan that can’t move into the 21st century !!!!!
        GO HAWKS !!!!!

      • libtarded

        49ers… 1994 was a LONG time ago. Team might have the same janitor still working for them.

        • Guy Smith

          Not a 9er fan, at all. In fact, hate them too. But between them and Cowboys, there are 10 Lombardi’s on the mantle. Certainly not jealous of Hawks, I’ve been through 7 superbowls as a fan. I’ve had my turn. Hawks have how many???? Until they win it, they will not be considered an elite franchise. They’re also playing a superbowl winner this weekend. Ohhh, they beat them last month, so it must mean guarantee victory, right?? But, they blew them out? Mom, what happened to my team?? They? What? That’s what I mean, naive.

          • Guy Smith

            And the 9ers were in the Superbowl last year, nearly won it!!!??? Wow, you guys are dumb. If the Hawks are lucky enough to beat Saints, 9ers will definately win in Seattle.

    • hawkman54

      Did you read THE article ?

    • libtarded

      What parts of “Seahawks correspondent at isportsweb” and “I have a huge attachment to Seattle football” are confusing you?

      • Jason Quinter

        So you’re nothing more than a paid propagandist for the Seahawks? How impressive. The media equivalent of being a hooker.

        • Randy Hayden

          So Jason what your saying is that anyone who does there job is like a paid hooker. Good thing school starts back up next week and you’re back in your 5th grade classroom.

          • Guy Smith

            That’s funny Randy. You’re accusing people of not being able to read and you can’t spell, lmao!! (hudge and there should be their). We all learned that in 5th grade, except you. Wow!

            Our point was, show some respect for your opponent, regardless of who you work for. Just another idiot Hawk fan. Thanks for revealing your ignorance.

  • Ted Nelson

    The Saints, unlike what they faced with the Eagles, will be facing, at Century Link, a first class running and passing attack. A first class running and passing defense. Top notch special teams. A 12th man. And maybe a little Seattle weather. I respect them. But it is a huge nut to crack. If they win, they will have earned it. But it ain’t a gonna happen.