Barcelona F.C. dependent on Messi: Sanchez at his best


Barcelona F.C.

Lionel Messi

Messi is very close to coming back from his rehabilitation period, he has been out for more than two months and during his absence questions were raised.

Why is Barcelona F.C. so dependent on Messi?

Lionel Messi started playing for Barcelona F.C. at the age of 13, he was part of the “La Masia”, which is the Barcelona school of soccer, and he finally made his professional debut at the age of 16, becoming the youngest player to debut at La Liga at that time.

In those years at the youth academy, Messi formed part of the team with some of the same players he shares the field with today, Fabregas, Pique and Busquets. The chemistry administered between all these players was created when they were young and the leadership of Messi, in the field and out, was something that developed through years of training together. Messi is important because he is a symbol for the team, he represents the club, the fans, and the players. When Messi is not in the game, the defenders of the opposite teams have a huge weight removed from their shoulders , because no matter how good Sanchez, Pedro, and even Neymar are, they are not the best player in the world, in other words, intimidation with presence.

Barcelona F.C.

Alexis Sanchez

Why is Alexis Sanchez performing better with Martino, than he ever did with Guardiola and Villanova?

There are two main reasons why Alexis recent notable performances were not seen with the past two coaches, Guardiola and Villanova, schemes of play and discipline. Gerardo Martino has strategized the team very differently, his focus is not so much on the possession of the ball without attacking but more one the surprise attack, using the speed and ability of the wings. Alexis Sanchez has the ability to speed through players with and without the ball, he also possesses the capability to position himself for the best long passes, he could be compared to American Football’s wide receiver.

Most of Sanchez’ attacks are created by him through the flanks, Villanova and Guardialo were using him as a center forward, wasting most of his talent, but Martino has found a way to expose the type of player that Alexis really is. With discipline, Sanchez was able to focus on his game 100 percent, he has improved as a player in Barcelona and in Chile’s national team.

Barcelona has enough money to maintain a winning squad even without the best player in the world, they could even win games with their substitute team on the field, but the truth is that key players win championships and without Messi Barcelona can say goodbye to the UEFA Champions league.