Reasons to watch the Milwaukee Brewers in 2014

Any casual baseball fan knows that the Milwaukee Brewers didn’t have the best season last year.  For some, the prospect of watching the Brewers struggle through another torturous season might be too much. 

BUT NOT FOR ME.  Instead I decided to look at the glass half full and highlight three fantastic reasons to look forward to the Brewers next season.

1) We will only hear about PED scandals for maybe the first month: I was getting pretty sick of the circus surrounding Braun and his PED use last year. The constant reports threatening a massive suspension for Braun became nauseating after a while and I for one was glad when he was finally suspended and the world could move on.  It’s inevitable that for the first month or so there will still be some discussion about Braun and PED’s (especially from the national media) but I think by the end of April the PED talk will die down.

2) Young players will continue to grow:  There are plenty of young players to watch in 2014, but I had to limit myself to three.

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke might be on the hot seat in 2014 (September 23, 2013 - Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America)

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke might be on the hot seat in 2014 (September 23, 2013 – Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America)

Jean Segura, an All-Star last year, headlined the younger class of Brewers in 2013.  The 23-year-old shortstop that the Brewers acquired from the Angels had a breakout season last year with 12 home runs and 49 stolen bases.

The good news for Brewers fans is that Segura wasn’t the only young player that Brewers fans can look forward to seeing progress in 2014.  Another 23-year-old in Scooter Gennett also emerged on the scene last season.  In Gennett’s 69 games last year he was able to post a .356 on base percentage and he provided a spark at second base.  Gennett should be the opening day starter in 2014, but even if he isn’t, Brewers fans can expect to see a lot of him moving forward, and that’s exciting.

The young Brewers nucleus also expands into the outfield.  Khris Davis is a few years older than Segura and Gennett, and he has less experience (he has played in just 56 big league games) but he has the potential to be a star.  With Aoki gone, he will most likely be the starting left fielder next season and if he can stay consistent on defense Davis could be one of the best players for the Brewers next season.  I would not be surprised if Davis hit over .300 with 25 plus home runs (unfortunately I also wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up finishing the season in AAA but the upside for Davis is greater than the downside.)

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3) At the very least the Brewers might have a new manager:  I am a fan of Ron Roenicke, but if the Brewers have another subpar season it’s very possible that good ole Raging Ron will be fired.  If that happens Brewers fans will be able to follow the managerial search, which should provide some excitement at the very least.

Because this is a purely hypothetical situation I’m not going to throw names around but I speak from experience when I say that a new manager can sometimes provide a spark to struggling teams.  I live in Denver, and in 2009 the Colorado Rockies fired their manager Clint Hurdle after a poor start.  Jim Tracy came in and the Rockies ended up making the playoffs that season.

Bonus Reason: I assume that the Brewers will wear the cerveceros jerseys and the birrai jerseys again this year, so that alone should attract Brewers fans to watch at least those two games.

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