Why Duke Blue Devils can still win the ACC

The Duke Blue Devils lost a hard game on Saturday against Notre Dame.  This is a big blow to their chances to win the ACC, because you can assume that they will lose at least two more games during the grueling ACC season.  And that’s assuming they beat every game that they will be favored in for the rest of the season.  Even if they do lose three or four games in ACC play, they can still win the ACC this season.

Syracuse is one of the teams likely to win the ACC, but their first ACC game against Miami was a struggle for them.  They barely beat a team that is at the bottom of the ACC and furthermore, it was at home.  This is their first season in the ACC, and it will show.  It is a different style of play than the Big East was.  The Big East was a great conference, but as with any new team, they will have to adjust to the style of play.  This will make them vulnerable against every ACC team even the teams like Miami.Josh Hairston

North Carolina is another team likely to win the ACC, but they have had a few games where they have played down to their competition.  This will make them vulnerable to losing some games to teams at the bottom of the conference.  This could cause them to lose around five games in ACC play.

The other teams that could win the ACC might be the other teams coming in to the conference in Notre Dame and Pittsburgh.  These teams will have the same problem as Syracuse: adjusting to a new conference.  This will make them drop games that they shouldn’t.  The first game with Pittsburgh in the ACC was one you could look too because they almost lost to N.C. State.  N.C. State is not one of the top teams in the ACC, and gave Pittsburgh all they could handle.

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Every team in the ACC will have their share of losses this season.  They will have to compete with the top teams such as Duke and Syracuse.  The rest of these teams will have at least around five losses as well just because the ACC is so strong.

Duke has put themselves in an early hole in ACC play, but they should be able to bounce back.  They can’t have any games where they let one get away, and they can’t play down to the competition to have a game stolen from them.  There has to be a sense of urgency for them the rest of the season.  They will have to play well and steal a game from Syracuse for them to have a chance at winning the ACC.  The loss to Notre Dame hurt their chances, but they will have an opportunity to win if they play better going forward.