New York Giants: Unrestricted free agents to re-sign or decline?

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Welcome to GM Mode for the New York Giants. In the coming days, I will play Jerry Reese and decide who to keep and who to let go for the 2014 season. 

Here’s a fact. The New York Giants need help.

Here’s an opinion. A new offensive coordinator won’t solve the problems for the Giants. New players will solve the problem.

After starting the season with an abysmal 0-6 start, the Giants hit their stride and won seven out of the last ten games to finish the season 7-9. But the finish was on the opposite side of the spectrum the Giants expected to be at this point in the season. The Giants expected to be the first team to play in the Super Bowl at their home stadium. They even made a countdown clock for motivation. Little did they know the countdown clock was just to show them when to watch the Super Bowl, not play in it.

So, imagine you are Jerry Reese and you are sitting in an empty MetLife Stadium that prepares to host two teams that don’t include your franchise. You are steaming, enraged and stressed because the 2014 season rests on your shoulders. The team needs to improve and it starts with you. According to, the new salary cap will be $126.3 million, which means the Giants will have $10,925,324 to spend this offseason. How do you restore your team?

Reese has already made your job easier…or more difficult. I’ll let you be the judge.

The Giants signed TE Daniel Fells ($730,000), WR Preston Parker ($570,000), LB Spencer Adkins ($645,000), OL Troy Kropog ($645,000) and K/P Brandon McManus ($420,000). None of these players started a game in 2013.

It’s safe to say we are off to a bad start. So in order to make this easier, let’s play General Manager of the New York Giants for a brief moment. First order of business: Re-sign or decline?

Here is a snapshot of the unrestricted free agents the Giants can re-sign.

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Note: Brandon Jacobs retired from the NFL on January 2nd, 2014.


Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck is a franchise defensive player and winner of two Super Bowls with the Giants. Tuck had a resurgent 2013 that was good for him, but can be bad for the Giants in the sense of how much they can re-sign him for. Damontre Moore is up and coming, but you can’t take a risk at losing Tuck. He should be the top priority on the defensive end.

Jon Beason

Beason reminded me of the days when Antonio Pierce ran the show as linebacker.

He was traded to the Giants after ex-Giant Chase Blackburn took over Beason’s starting job for the Carolina Panthers. As soon as Beason arrived in New York, he reinvigorated the Giants’ linebackers. Beason finished the season with 93 combined tackles, 72 of which were solo. The most telling statistic: According to, in games that Beason started (11), the Giants gave up 18.3 points and in games that Beason did not start, the Giants gave up 36.4 (5). 

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(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Andre Brown

This one is a no-brainer. With virtually no support, Brown returned to the Giants and ran for 115 yards and one touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. He finished the season with 492 rushing yards on 3.5 yards per carry, but those numbers will increase…if he stays healthy. Health is a concern, but there is a major risk if the Giants let Brown walk.

Stevie Brown

It is without question that the Giants’ horrid season started with Stevie Brown tearing his ACL before the season began. He was expected to lead a potent Giants defense, but his absence definitely showed how important he is. Antrel Rolle definitely stepped up in Brown’s absence, but with Brown, the Giants improve immensely in their secondary.

Josh Brown

I guess there are a lot of Browns on the New York Giants.

Josh Brown had a decent season and is earned another one-year contract. Only give him one year because I have a feeling the Giants will sign an undrafted free agent kicker to compete with Brown.

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Mike Patterson

A strong part of the defensive line and one of the top 20 free agent defensive tackles in the league according to, Patterson is a low-cost option for the New York Giants and won’t expect to try and get a hefty contract like Linval Joseph.

Kevin Boothe

This should be the only offensive lineman that should return to the Giants for the 2014 season. Boothe had a great 2012 season, but his numbers displayed a horrendous 2013 season. The numbers don’t display how much Boothe was actually responsible for the woes of the offensive line and one leverage he has against the other free agent offensive linemen is that he is durable. He was a victim of a flawed offensive line, but given a fair supporting cast, Boothe will do well.

Keith Rivers

Plagued by injuries his entire NFL career, the former first round pick out of USC had a decent season as the starting outside linebacker for the Giants. With not much depth at the position, the Giants should re-sign him, but should see if they can snatch someone in the draft or in free agency to provide depth to the OLB position.

Louis Murphy

Murphy adds depth to the Giants wide receivers and can be a long ball threat like Mario Manningham once was. Many of the Giants wide receivers didn’t get much exposure given the struggles of the offensive line, but when called upon, Murphy was consistent and seemed comfortable in New York.

Ryan Mundy

Mundy had the best season of his NFL career, finishing the 2013 season with 77 combined tackles of which 50 were solo. He only had one interception as compared to Antrel Rolle’s six interceptions, but stepped in well with the loss of Stevie Brown earlier in the season.  With the re-emergence of Terrell Thomas and Rolle and with Brown coming back next season, Mundy may be playing a lesser role for the secondary. Still, he should be re-signed to ensure depth in case of emergency.

Peyton Hillis

Hillis AKA “Cover Boy” came into a volatile situation and made something out of nothing with the Giants. He didn’t blaze in with flying colors, but he provided a fair amount of assistance to the Giants until Andre Brown returned later in the season. With David Wilson coming back next season, Hillis should be re-signed not only for depth, but to also help out being a dual threat on the ground and in the air.

Trumaine McBride

The surprise of the 2013 season was the breakout of Trumaine McBride, who stepped in well when Aaron Ross and Corey Webster faltered. Yes, he isn’t the tallest man, but his hustle play makes up for it and he won’t cost much. That’s good for the cap and good for the Giants defense.

So who will the Giants not re-sign? Corey Webster, Brandon Myers, Hakeem Nicks, Linval Joseph, Shaun Rogers, David Diehl, Bear Pascoe, Aaron Ross and Curtis Painter. Do you agree with keeping the players mentioned and letting go of these players?

Check in tomorrow to find out why the Giants should not re-sign these players for part 2.

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  • Sean DeValera Keane

    Disagree with Louis Murphy and Linval Joseph…also for the resignings what were you thinking for contracts for these guys, like $ and length of contract?

  • CJ

    Aaron Ross when he was played did a solid job. He need to be out on the field more. If ross was not placed on IR so fast. He could have help the team out.