Percy Harvin ready to go for the Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin has practiced all week with the Seattle Seahawks’ offense and is officially penciled in to play Saturday against the Saints. Though I’m sure Seattle fans would have liked to hear this bit of news earlier in the season, it makes for another weapon for the Seahawks to use in a possible Super Bowl run.

Barring another setback, of course.

Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin is raring to go this Saturday for the Hawks. (Photo:

Harvin made his first appearance in the blue and neon green during Week 11’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, his old team. The 12th man didn’t see much of him, because his surgically repaired hip starting swelling, but the small taste was enough for fans to be eager for more. Harvin had a great third down reception and an electric 58 yard kick return. Hopefully this time Harvin can hang around a bit longer, because he’s a great asset for this Seattle team.

Don’t get me wrong, Golden Tate has done a terrific job as a return man for the Seahawks as well as being a go-to receiver for Russell Wilson in Harvin’s and Sidney Rice’s absences. Harvin just has a great discerning eye, especially on kick returns, that you don’t find in many players. He’s also incredibly fast, and burning corners and safeties is nothing new for Harvin.

I’m sure Harvin will make a great impact on special teams this Saturday. What I’m concerned about is whether Russell Wilson is comfortable going to Harvin through the air. Quarterbacks and receivers have to be on the same page all the time, and since Wilson is undoubtedly more comfortable with guys like Tate and Doug Baldwin, I’m not ready to say he’ll make an instant impact as a receiver. Knowing Darrell Bevell’s creativity, however, Harvin will get into the mix somehow. The Saints’ secondary will certainly have to respect his speed and explosiveness at the very least.

The playoffs always make teams pull out all the stops to win. With Percy Harvin in Darrell Bevell’s bag of tricks, that statement will certainly be true of the Seattle Seahawks this Saturday. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Saints were preparing this week as if Harvin would be on the field or if this serves as an unwelcome surprise. I would assume they have been preparing for him, since there’s a lot on the line and teams can’t afford big surprises. Whatever the case may be, Percy Harvin on the field is definitely exciting news for the Seattle Seahawks.