Georgia Tech Football: Who is Georgia Tech’s best player?

The Yellow Jackets are a relatively young team, but they have some talent on both sides of the ball. When looking at the roster, you find something valuable in each player that Paul Johnson puts on the field. However, who is Georgia Tech’s best player? Is it Zach Laskey, the 6’1″, 214 lb junior bruising back that has scored 8 touchdowns this season? Or is it Jeremiah Attaochu, the 6’3″, 242 lb defensive end that was ranked sixth in the nation by College Football News at the beginning of the season? Depending on who you ask and what you’re basing your answer on, there are probably different answers to this question. For me, I have my own list in mind that are Georgia Tech’s most valuable assets, and I’ll explain why.

Jeremiah Attaochu

Attaochu, originally from Nigeria, is one of Georgia Tech’s best players. He recently received All-American honors from the Associated Press, and was also named first team All-ACC in December. He made the switch from linebacker to defensive end in the spring of 2013, which proved to be a great decision for him. Voted by his teammates as “most likely to be an NFL star”, Attaochu is an aggressive and fast defensive end that puts fear in the hearts of those on the opposite side of the ball. His height, combined with his speed, make him a force to be reckoned with on the edges of the ball. As of the end of the 2013 season, Attaochu is now Georgia Tech’s sole all-time leader in sacks with 31.5. Jeremiah Attaochu made my list due to his ability to get off blocks and disrupt plays in the backfield. For someone his size, his speed is unmatched, making him hard to defend.

David Sims

David Sims, who began his Georgia Tech career as a quarterback, has rushed for 2,252 yards as a Yellow Jacket and and has scored 86 career points, the third-most of any ACC running back. Sims scored 12 touchdowns in the 2013 season, the most on the team. Averaging 5.5 yards per carry, Sims and fellow running back Zach Laskey together combine to make an almost unstoppable run game. Sims made the list as one of Tech’s best players for his ability follow his blocks and get into the open field. The 6’0″, 225 lb doesn’t hesitate, runs through defenders, and has even shown that he can catch passes, as he’s caught a TD in each of his last three seasons at Georgia Tech.

Robert Godhigh

Robert Godhigh, the 5’7″, 190 lb redshirt senior from Acworth is last, but certainly not least on my list. Godhigh was a walk-on in 2009 who eventually replaced Roddy Jones after he began playing on special teams. He has rushed for 1,191 yards and 11 touchdowns in his career, but also has 698 reception yards and 6 receiving touchdowns, making him Georgia Tech’s most diverse player. He’s quick on his feet, runs through defenders, as well as evades them when necessary, and is a strong back that is hard to take down. His style of play is reminiscent of New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles. Godhigh’s ability to catch the ball, coupled with his speed, makes him extremely dangerous and very difficult to defend.