Georgia Tech Football: QB Vad Lee to transfer

Vad Lee, Tommy Heffernan

Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee plans to transfer from Georgia Tech and finish his college career elsewhere. The news after Georgia Tech lost to Ole Miss in the Music City Bowl on December 30 in Nashville.

Vad Lee, the redshirt Sophomore, started behind quarterback Tevin Washington in 2012. He threw for 596 yards, 4 touchdowns, and had a completion rate of 48.2%. His future at Tech seemed very bright with Tevin Washington leaving, and he became the starter for the Yellow Jackets the following season. In 2013, Vad Lee started all 13 games, threw for 1,561 yards, 11 touchdowns and rushed for eight of his own. Although he had made significant improvements from the 2012 season, he still struggled with making proper reads and keeping the ball off the ground. Lee plans to transfer to an FCS school to finish his college career. He had the following to say about his plans to transfer:

“Making the decision to leave Georgia Tech was difficult for me. I am very close — and will continue to be close — with my teammates. I will also miss the overwhelming support I received the last three years from Yellow Jacket nation. I greatly appreciate the opportunity Coach Johnson gave me, as well the chance to work with coaches like Brian Bohannon and Bryan Cook. Thanks as well to (recruiting coordinator) Andy McCollum, who helped recruit me to Tech. My decision was also difficult because I know first-hand the talent coming back next season. I just felt that it is a good time for me to get a fresh start for my final two years of college.”

Vad Lee was dissatisfied playing in Paul Johnson’s offense and stated that “The triple-option was never really my thing.”

With Vad Lee leaving, Coach Paul Johnson now has to find another quarterback to take over. Recruiting at Tech isn’t an easy task because many quarterback aren’t used to playing in a triple-option style offense as much as Paul Johnson runs it. Justin Thomas, the freshman, will more than likely start for Tech next season, unless CPJ brings in someone else to run his offense. Here is what Coach Paul Johnson had to say about Lee’s transfer:

“Vad is a young man with high character and I appreciate all the work that he put into our program and to Georgia Tech during his three years here. This is a decision made by Vad and his family, and while you don’t like losing talented players, I wish nothing but the best for Vad in the future.”

I spoke to some of the alumni that are close to the athletic program and asked them how they felt about Vad Lee leaving Georgia Tech. Overall, I got a sense of optimism. Some are happy that he’s transferring because they don’t think he did too well in the system, but they wish him well elsewhere. Others are sad to see him go because they feel he improved the offense, but they feel it gives CPJ the opportunity to recruit another quarterback that had the same abilities as Josh Nesbitt. As far as Coach Paul Johnson’s position as head coach and how it looks on his part, those I spoke with stated that although it doesn’t help him in terms of keeping his job, it does provide an opportunity for him to use what he has in Justin Thomas and build upon the 2013 season.

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