Golden State Warriors: Making up ground in the West

It would be pretty easy to assume that going on a 10 game winning streak, including a 6-1 Eastern Conference road trip, would be good enough to make up a lot of ground in the Western Conference. However, in the case of the Golden State Warriors they are still trying to make up ground in a congested Western Conference.


The health of Andrew Bogut and Steph Curry will continue to be important for the Warriors future success

The Warriors currently sit in 6th position in the West, but only a game behind the Los Angeles Clippers for the number four seed and first place in the division. Even though the Warriors started the road trip in 7th position in the West and only moved up one spot, they did creap closer to teams like the Clippers and Rockets in particular. The Warriors are only 5 games behind the San Antonio Spurs for the top seed in the Western Conference and home court throughout the postseason.

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Trading for someone like the Chicago Bulls backup point guard Kurt Hinrich could be the piece that the Warriors need to put them over the top

If the Warriors keep playing the way they are now that their starting lineup is back in tact they should continue to make up ground on some of the teams in front of them. The Clippers are without Chris Paul for a number of weeks, the Oklahoma City Thunder are also missing a star point guard in Russell Westbrook and it’s still unknown if the Portland Trailblazers will keep playing the way they have been. Before the season is over the Warriors could easily be a top three team in the Western Conference, and will have better odds to survive the bloodbath postseason that the Western Conference will feature.

The Warriors would help their chances by making a trade for a backup point guard, which is the weakest area on their team right now. Names like Kirk Hinrich and Andre Miller have been linked to the Warriors and would be upgrades over what they have now. Trading for a backup point would allow Toney Douglas to play off the ball where he’s more comfortable and allow Stephen Curry to get more rest throughout the season. However, the only downside to a trade would be who to give up. The Warriors have great chemistry and a trade might break that up, so it would have to be for the right guy.

Another thing that favors the Warriors moving forward is their schedule. They have played the most road games in the NBA up to this point, which means that they have a lot more home games the second half of the season, which favors them greatly because of the incredible homecourt advantage they have.

With the kind of basketball the Warriors are playing right now things are looking bright for the rest of the season.