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Please join us at any time during the 4 NFL Playoff games this weekend. We will have an open thread here for live chatting during the games. Feel free to leave your predictions and other opinions regarding the games as we await kick off.

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  1. says

    Big stop for the Chargers to hold them to an FG. Now they have to get some points on the board. Seems like it’s been an eternity since they last had the ball

    • Jordan Johnson says

      As a fan I would like to see the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl, but the 49ers are on an 8-game winning streak and I see them extending that to 9 next week

  2. says

    My picks from Friday
    • 2 days ago

    I’ll kick things off with my predictions, which are sure to be wrong.
    Seahawks over Saints
    Patriots over Colts
    49ers over Panthers
    Broncos over Chargers

  3. Ian Joyce says

    I think it’s a smart move to have Decker return instead of Holliday, less of a threat to take it back but more reliable

  4. orygunguy says

    I’m looking for Moreno, D. Thomas and the Bronco Defense to be the players of the
    game. Peyton will, of course, do what Peyton does…play to win!

  5. Marty Nicholson says

    I am surprised at the lack of interest in this thread. One of these teams will give Seattle a great game next Sunday!

  6. Marty Nicholson says

    Panthers trailed 9-7 at the half in SF…that was the first TD the Niners scored against the Panthers on their 18th drive this season.

  7. Marty Nicholson says

    Smith targeted three times. Three catches for 65 yards and a TD. Coach Rivera said he didn’t need to talk to Cam about the magnitude of the playoffs because he successfully handled the BCS title game in 2010. This is his first truly meaningful NFL moment. Handling it very nicely so far, in my opinion.

  8. Marty Nicholson says

    Ted Ginn, Jr. been a great pick-up this year… And he was let go by the Niners, making this even sweeter for him.

  9. Marty Nicholson says

    See – Cam to Smith…plenty of time. Will be interesting to see how Smith responds after his injury. Didn’t practice a whole lot this week.

  10. Jim Dayton says

    Gotta admire the Panthers’ physicality so far. When you haven’t been in the playoffs for several years, you need to make an early statement that you belong.

  11. Marty Nicholson says

    Panthers defense bending – not breaking. Holding SF to two field goals is a good thing! Cam will calm down on the next drive.

  12. Marty Nicholson says

    Joe – the weather here could not be better. Loud crowd. Another quick Niners score would quiet them down a little. But they believe this team is ready to get back to Seattle next week!

  13. Marty Nicholson says

    After covering the Panthers all season, I think this day will end in a Niners win. Too many weapons for the Carolina defensive backs.

  14. Justme says

    ok someone tell me please: the pat’s bad snap was 4th down, so if the punter falls on the ball don’t the colts get it on that spot?

  15. Alex Peters says

    Halftime: Most of the beer is gone, I’ve used up two out of my three verbal warnings to stop yelling at the TV, and Dan Dierdorf is reverse jinxing TY Hilton so much, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out of the locker room five inches taller and a bottle of “Michael Jordan Special Stuff” in hand. I’ve never been this unhappy with a 9-point lead.

  16. Nick Small says

    I could see another Tom Brady punt coming in the second half of this one. The Pats punter looks shook up after that bad snap play.

  17. Alex Peters says

    Shannon Sharpe naming Blount “The Winnebago” is the greatest journalistic contribution of his lifetime.

  18. Tyler Brochhagen says

    The team that can get their ground game going will be the one who wins in Foxborough. With the way Blount and Ridley have been running lately, you have to think that gives the Pats the advantage.*

    *Assuming they hold onto the ball, which is no guarantee. Knock on wood!!!

  19. Alex Peters says

    I got my Mike Vrabel jersey, a six pack of Gansett, and a ziploc baggie full of Jonny Gomes’ beard clippings I bought on ebay. Let’s do this.

  20. Victoria Berkow says

    Minus the big 3rd down sack, Saints have done better starting this quarter (but I may be speaking too soon)

  21. Ted Hunt says

    Percy Harvin is such a little sissy girl. I remember back in my day when we played through anything. Just give us the smelling salts! You all know what I mean. Am I right?

    • Kaitlin McLhinney says

      Absolutely not. It’s so loud in that stadium week after week. The 12th man definitely showed up for the Seahawks today.

  22. Megan Stamper says

    There’s the first TD! Saints need to get the crowd out of this game quick if they want to stop Seattle….

    • Juneac says

      I remember watching a couple Wisconsin games and thinking “Wow, he’s got game”. Can’t say I called it, but I’m definitely not surprised.

  23. Juneac says

    Yeah, it’s in Seattle, but the Saints under Drew Brees are good on offense and have come around this season defensively; that’ll be key. Saints over Seahawks 31-17.

    Without factoring the quarterback position, the Colts are the better team, so this one is all on Luck. Personally, I’m sipping the Kool-Aid. Colts over Pats, 17-14.

    Panthers won the regular season matchup. This time it’s at home. Still, San Francisco is better now than they were then. 49ers over Panthers, 21-17.

    I’m going to pick the upset here. The Chargers played up both times in the regular season, and Peyton’s playoff woes are well chronicled. Chargers over Broncos 28-21.

    • Amanda Ozz says

      I agree with what you said about the Colts-Pats game, but I’m feeling the opposite on your other calls.

      Surprised by your call over the Chargers. Everyone thinks the Broncos are going to go all the way, from what I’ve heard.

  24. Chris Nowell says

    Seahawks are nearly impossible to stop, but I belive that they will have to put up at least 21 points to win the game.

  25. Guest says

    Carolina wins a close one at home 21-17

    Denver won’t lose twice to SD at home, they move on 31-21

    Saints look for redemption and beat the Seahawks 31-28 on the road

    Patriots-Colts is a toss up with the final score being 31-28 as well, i’ll take the Colts. Hard to beat Brady, but momentum may stay with them from last week’s victory

  26. Francisco Bernard says

    Seahawks beat Saints 35-17
    Colts beat Patriots 41-38
    49ers beat Panthers 35-28
    Chargers beat Broncos 28-25

  27. Jeff Dennis says

    Picks for the week:

    Down goes Peyton in the first round yet again!
    Let’s go San Fran!!!

  28. Connor Jones says

    Picks for this weekend: (I was 1-3 last week so don’t read anything into them)
    Seahawks over Saints
    Colts over Pats
    Panthers over 49ers
    Broncos over Chargers

  29. ScottPeceny says

    You heard it here first- THREE, count em, 33333!!!!! Road teams will win. Niners, Chargers and Colts all advance.

  30. Tyler Brochhagen says

    I’m definitely looking forward to all of these games. I really think every match up could go either way. I’m gunna go with…
    Seahawks over Saints
    Pats over Colts
    Panthers over 49ers
    Broncos over Chargers

    • Tyler Brochhagen says

      I’m not really sure who I think has the “biggest” chance of losing at home, but I do think the Broncos are going to get all they can handle against the Chargers. I think Denver will win, but I would not be at all surprised to see SD pull off the upset.

  31. says

    I’ll kick things off with my predictions, which are sure to be wrong, for the games.
    Seahawks over Saints
    Patriots over Colts
    49ers over Panthers
    Broncos over Chargers

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