Mexico Soccer: Where art thou Principito? Andres Guardado an enigma for El Tri

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images Europe)

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images Europe)

The little prince Andres Guardado possesses extraordinary qualities; flashes of brilliance throughout his career branded him an undisputed presence with El Tri.

With a long range rifle in his arsenal and leopard speed to match el Principito was destined for Brazil 2014.

In 2011 the World Cup seemed a sure thing for Guardado, but now, after a year of mediocrity it seems a murky possibility.

Consistency is difficult to maintain, and unfortunately for Guardado he’s picked a terrible time to decline.

Brazil 2014 could be a replica of what happend to Guardado in South Africa. If Guardado isn’t able to remount with Valencia he may not even make it to the 23 man roster. Guardado is very unlucky, as he plays incredibly well in the gaps leading up the tournament but always seems to fall out of favoritism for the World Cup. It happened in 2010 it just may happen again.

2013 was a demanding year for Guardado.

Guardado suffered in Mexico’s qualifying debacle. Drowning in the pressure he fell astray. After being booed at the Azteca along with his teammates Guardado looked lost.

Guardado has to rediscover his form if he wants to be considered for Brazil 2014. In the hexagonal Guardado was far from his best.

In 2011 el Principito was a major contributor to Mexico Gold Cup success. Guardado even scored one of the best goals of the tournament in a stupendously taken volley against Costa Rica. Not to mention he scored in the final as well. If that Guardado comes back then he will be of tremendous value. But for the time being Guardado remains on the outside.

Fortunately for Guardado he is getting valuable playing time with Valencia and even contributed an assist in the Copa Del Rey.

The pressure is on for Guardado to get back to his best to represent El Tri in Brazil 2014.