Milwaukee Bucks need to find ways to win

After missing their last 11 shots in a loss versus the Chicago Bulls, the Bucks need to make changes. This season for the Milwaukee Bucks came with low expectations of becoming an eighth seed in the east or just missing it.  Somehow the Bucks managed to perform below those expectations and disappoint more than normal.  As a Bucks fan, I thought they were going to play well enough to challenge for that eighth seed but it is apparent that they won’t finish close to that.

The losing is starting to affect players on the team. On Jan.  4 after a loss to the Phoenix Suns, guard Gary Neal and center Larry Sanders got into an argument in front of reporters according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Charles F. Gardner. Neal ended the argument by yelling “I earned my money. Why don’t you try it?” The change of how the Bucks operate compared to what Neal is used to being with the San Antonio Spurs, who are one of the most stable franchises, must be frustrating.

Larry Drew guides the Bucks though a transition period. Photo credit:

Larry Drew guides the Bucks though a transition period. Photo credit:

Bucks coach Larry Drew would meet with each player individually after this event. After this happened Coach Drew tried to down play this event.

“Things are back to normal,” said Drew.  “I met with every player this morning individually. We started this morning at 8:30 and we talked about some things. I’m the type of guy in dealing with a situation like that, you don’t allow the snowball effect to take place. It certainly can happen. It was an isolated incident. It happened after the game when emotions are extremely high. We’ve talked about it individually and we’ve talked about it as a team, and we’re moving on.”

Another consequence of this argument is that there are rumors the Bucks are going to try to trade Neal before the Feb. 20 deadline according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

If the Bucks are thinking of trading veterans, I think that they should trade some.  With how this season is going, the Bucks should consider embracing how bad they are and try to land the number one pick in the 2014 draft that is loaded with talent.

I think that the Bucks should try to develop their younger guys and let them learn by playing large amounts of minutes.

One player who has been playing better lately because of increased minutes is Brandon Knight. Knight is now leading the team in scoring and assists with 15.1 and 4.4. Knight is making a case for himself that he could be a player the Bucks want to keep for a long time.

Another player who needs as much experience as possible is the still growing Giannis Antetokounmpo.  While the Greek Freak has been struggling offensively, he needs to learn how to get through rough patches.  Giannis is only 19 and needs to adjust to the profession game since he came from Greece where the he was one of the better players.  Also watching him gives me hope that he can become a player the Bucks can rely on and possibly bring a championship to Milwaukee.

  • Ivan Krizanac

    The Bucks should trade illyasova and Sanders for better draft picks. I swear, if the Bucks keep their useless veterans i’ll stop being a fan. I saw potential in this team 5 years ago but it was wasted by a horrible front office. Plus, it’s not easy being a fan of a horrible team when you live half the country away.