Minnesota Football: Nelson not promised starting job in 2014

2014 will bring an interesting dilemma in the quarterback position for the Gophers. Four guys will have the chance to compete for the opening game start, a rare feat for any team.

This does mean the the Gophers do have depth at the quarterback position, but the problems that remain are inexperience and inconsistency.

Philip Nelson was probably the best quarterback on the team last year. He had an advantage over Mitch Leidner because he won a few big games for the team and made fewer mistakes.The biggest problem was his passing inconsistency.

Minnesota Football

Chris Streveler is a dual threat QB that could surprise many for the starting quarterback job in 2014.
(Photo Credit: Pioneer Press)

Minnesota has a couple of freshman that could come in and make a surprise impact next season right off the bat. Dimonic Mckinzy and Chris Streveler aren’t the front runners for the position, but will have a legitimate chance to shock Gopher nation by performing well in spring tryouts.

Each is a three-star recruit with a fair amount of upside. With the inconsistency that Nelson and Leidner showed last season, it might be good to put some pressure on them and especially Nelson to step it up.

Kill is not afraid to make changes at the quarterback position, so if Nelson wants to keep the starting job through the entire 2014 season he has to improve and learn from his mistakes last season or he’ll be out and a new guy will get the chance to show what they have.

The Gophers rely on a heavy rushing game and solid defense to win games. The quarterback just needs to be efficient and the team saw some of that from Nelson last season but not enough to have complete confidence in him going into 2014. The Syracuse game proved that Nelson still has a lot of work to do to become the leader of the Gopher’s offense.

If the freshman do perform well it might be interesting and not surprising if one of them at least gets a chance to start a game.

It’s a long wait until the season opener, but a lot is already on the mind of the Gopher’s coaching staff. A quarterback who performs well can put this team over the top next season.