Minnesota Vikings coaching finalists: Zimmer and Roman

Minnesota Vikings

Greg Roman is a possible head coaching candidate for the Vikings.
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Uncertainty has been floating around the Minnesota Vikings front office these past few weeks in terms of finding the next head coach. Now, the team may be inching a little closer to finding the right guy for the job.

Mike Zimmer and Greg Roman are the coaches that have been interviewed for the vacant position. Zimmer is going in for a second interview this week. One has to wonder if either of these guys could be a successful head coach in the NFL.

All signs point to yes and here’s why:

Zimmer, the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals,  has been around the NFL for a while now and has never had the chance to be a head coach. Over the years with Dallas, Atlanta and Cincinnati, Zimmer put some of the best defensive teams in the league together.

The Vikings’ defense struggled this year, but if they play the free agency market right this year and get a good secondary together, Zimmer would surely have the Vikings playing great defense.

The best thing about Zimmer is his experience and understanding of the game. If he is hired as the next Vikings head coach, he will bring in experienced coordinators, something the Vikings desperately need.

Zimmer is the best option for the Vikings and I believe that he will ultimately be given a chance to finally get his chance to prove that he can be a successful NFL head coach with Minnesota.

On the flip side, there’s Roman, an offensive guru, who currently is the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. While Roman hasn’t spent as much time in the NFL as Zimmer, he is ultimately responsible for revamping the 49ers’ offense that is making its third straight appearance in the NFC championship game.

If you are a fan of coaches who know how to develop players successfully, well, Roman was also a huge benefactor to the success of 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick who is now a star in the league.

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There is no doubt that a guy like Roman could help Cordarrelle Patterson develop into a superstar and a rookie quarterback also flourish into a superstar. He’s done it before, and the guy just flat out knows how to make an offense work.

Imagine landing Johnny Manziel with the 8th pick. I’d love to see Roman work with him.

The Vikings have really been secretive with letting the public know who’s being interviewed for the job, but in my mind Zimmer and Roman would both do a fantastic job and are the best qualified for the job.

Look for a decision to be made by next week as to which one of these guys is the next Vikings head coach.

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  • pdcqrmx

    If the Vikes were set on Zimmer they would have signed him. Unless money and the presences GM Spielmans demands are too high. Zimmer has been with several teams not long enough to really show he is ready for head coach. That said the Vikes need to wait to talk to Roman or any other who are in Championship games next week. So I do believe Zimmer is on a short list but he’s not alone with Roman.

  • manbearpig01

    You make it sound like Zimmer and Roman were the only 2 interviewed for this position, yet at least 7 people have been reported to have.

  • Decease

    Zimmer will never leave town. Write that down in ink.

    • manbearpig01

      Guys who have no desire for a new position don’t waste their time going in for multiple interviews. Type that out in a comment section.