Detroit Lions head coach search: Ken Whisenhunt opts for Tennessee Titans

Just a day after the San Diego Chargers were eliminated from the playoffs, Ken Whisenhunt has made up his mind on where he will coach next season, and it’s not the Detroit Lions.

Instead, Whisenhunt will take over for the Tennessee Titans. Despite Whisenhunt being the top option for the Lions, he decided to go in a different direction despite thewhisenhunt t good fit on paper between the two parties.

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The Lions are now forced to take a look at their other options, which include those they have already interviewed. Likely candidates include Jim Caldwell, Mike Munchak and Gary Kubiak, whom the Lions have already met with.

The other candidates the Lions have talked to are like Whisenhunt, in that they are offensive-minded coaches. Everything points to the Lions selecting a coach with head coaching experience and one that can alleviate some of the issues that Matthew Stafford has this past season. All of the remaining guys out there qualify for these, but none quite stacked up with Whisenhunt’s accolades. This hurts for the Lions.

Whisenhunt selecting the Titans over the Lions should cause some concern in Detroit, as the top option chose to go elsewhere. That says a lot about the state of the NFL franchise in Detroit. No matter how much talent this Lions team might have, it appears it just isn’t an appealing option to coaches.

So now that Whisenhunt is no longer an option for the Lions, who would you like to see as the next head coach in Detroit? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  • Bird Dog

    First off…apparently my spelling and grammar was awful in that first post. Secondly…I agree, we have a big problem within. We have had way to much talent to be as embarrassing as we displayed the last season. Ownership?

  • Bird Dog

    Good grief! What a mess. We are so docked up we could even land the no brainer coaching option. I shudder to think what heap they bring in to coach us.

    • Rob White

      If Whisenhunt choose the Titans, Jake Locker and who?, over the Lions, Stafford, Megatron, D-line, that’s a telltale sign of a real problem within the organization.