Boston Celtics’ present may be grim, but future looks golden

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The Boston Celtics, coming into this season, were in a transition stage in the franchise. It is what is now commonly known as the rebuilding mode. Celtics superstars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a blockbuster deal in the offseason, putting the team fully on the shoulders of All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo, who tore his ACL in January of 2012 and is yet to return to the court. The Celtics hired the young coach from Butler, Brad Stevens, to manage this young core of players. The franchise was ready for a new era in Boston Celtics basketball.

Now, about 2 months into the NBA season, the Celtics sit at a quite disappointing 13-25 and they are currently on an eight-game losing skid. Boston has lost to some really good teams, to be fair. They lost to the Thunder, Clippers, Warriors, and Blazers on the road and now come home to welcome the Houston Rockets. Those teams are the elite in the Western Conference.

The Celtics may have dug themselves a hole that will be too large to overcome, even in a shoddy Eastern Conference. With this, a question does come up about how exactly Boston should approach the rest of this season. Should they await for the return of their superstar point guard and make a run for the playoffs or do what many teams are doing in preparation for the high-valued 2014 draft and “tank” games?

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The best case scenario for the Celtics would be to continue what they are currently doing. Boston is playing the best that they can with their fairly below average personnel. They should also continue to make moves that help clear cap space, so they are in great position to sign free agents in the future.

Recently, the Celtics traded guard Courtney Lee to Memphis in exchange for guard Jerryd Bayless. This move helped Boston clear some of that salary cap space. Another thing that Celtics fans should look forward to is the upcoming draft. Through the Nets trade this past summer, the Celtics will receive either Brooklyn or Atlanta’s pick in the 1st round. The pick depends on who is the worse team of the two. In addition to this, if the Celtics miss the playoffs this season they will also have a chance to receive a great 1st round pick through the NBA lottery.

Celtics fans this year should not want their team to make the playoffs. A lot of people look down upon this method of thinking in sports, but upon further thinking, fans understand that this is the best way to go about for the future of the franchise. If this indeed does happen, the Celtics could very well have years of great fortune ahead.

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  • Alex

    Thank you, finally someone who understands that celtics are better off if they continue losing this year. Message boards are filled with naive fans who look down upon fans who root for this. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that people WANT them to win right now. It’s really not that hard to understand… A better draft pick in 2014 gives them more assets than a worse draft pick… Is that complicated? Do people really think this team had a chance at advancing in the playoffs? Do people really believe that winning now somehow improves their future because of “a winning mentality”? Where were these people in 2007? The celtics won 26 games that year, and getting a high pick is the thing that triggered the winning years we all enjoyed over the next 5 seasons. We wound up with the 5th pick, and Ainge turned that into ray Allen. Acquiring ray Allen made it possible for them to acquire KG. If the people against “tanking” had their way, we would of wound up with a pick in the teens that year, wouldn’t of had the assets to acquire those players, and we’d have one less banner hanging right now (probably). The argument against losing is utterly dumb.